GE LED Lamps that Can Help You Meet Legislation Requirements

GE Lighting Retail PAR38 Lamp

GE Energy Smart® LED Retail PAR38 Lamps

The GE Energy Smart® LED Retail PAR38 lamp is the perfect blend of enhanced color quality, advanced optics and reduced glare. GE's LED Retail 17 watt PAR38 lamps provide significant energy savings and color quality demanded by merchants. The GE LED Retail PAR38 features reduced glare design, leadership optics and lowers potential for facing or discoloration of merchandise (UV/IR).


GE Energy Smart® Dimming LED Lamps

GE Lighting LED Par30

New GE Energy Smart® Dimming LED 7-watt PAR20 and 10-watt PAR30 lamps have a full range of dimming that works on standard dimming systems. Both have a long life of 20,000 hours with excellent color rendering and are RoHS compliant. This innovation from GE enables commercial customers to make significant strides toward general lighting with white light-emitting diodes (LEDs).