Don't Let Your Customers Get Left in the Dark

Are their lamps and ballasts in compliance with recent and existing legislation?

In an effort to conserve the nation's energy resources, the U.S. government has passed multiple legislative acts affecting lamps and ballasts. To make sure your customers – present and future – are in compliance with these mandates, Graybar and GE have developed product-specific strategies and offer an extensive range of energy-efficient alternatives.

GE Lighting Legislative Tool Screencap

The quickest way to find out if your customers' lamps and ballasts comply with recent or upcoming federal and state legislation is by reviewing GE's exclusive legislation tool at

This comprehensive online resource highlights all the products impacted by legislation, including incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, LED and fluorescent lamps and ballasts. The website also offers a complete portfolio of innovative replacement products for each of the mandated lamps and ballasts.

Following are GE's product line strategies that address legislative imperatives:

GE's CFL Strategy

  • Provide a complete line of energy-efficient CFL general-purpose and decorative products that are ENERGYSTAR® rated and RoHS compliant

GE's Linear Fluorescent Strategy

  • Optimize energy efficiency by improving initial lumens per watt
  • Provide a reduced-mercury product offering to meet pressing environmental challenges
  • Maintain production of TCLP-compliant products
GE Lighting LED Par20

GE's Ballast Strategy

Offer the most complete RoHS-compliant and NEMA Premium® electronic ballast product line in North America.
  • Accelerate energy savings and minimize environmental hazards

GE's Halogen Strategy

  • Provide a complete line of products to exceed lumen-per-watt standards
  • Offer energy-efficient, reduced wattage alternatives
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts

GE's LED Strategy

  • Provide a complete line of directional, decorative and general-purpose lighting products that meet ENERGY STAR® performance, deliver long life, save energy and provide exceptional value to our customers

Remember, GE and Graybar have you and in the future! For complete information about legislation that may affect your customers’ lamps and ballasts, please contact your Graybar representative.

Be Energy Smart About Switching to LED Lighting

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