Be Energy Smart About Switching to LED Lighting

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Does it really matter which company makes your LED lamps? Absolutely – especially if that company offers more than 125 years of lighting experience, reliability and innovation. That company is GE and the lamps are GE LED energy smart® replacement lamps from Graybar.

GE energy smart replacement lamps

energy smart LED lamps from GE and Graybar are sturdy and dependable, and offer bright, energy efficient light. And do they last!Certain fixtures have 50,000 hours of rated life,meaning they can be "on" for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, for more than a decade. As a result, these LED lights are perfect for high ceilings, stairwells, atriums and other hard-to-reach places. The long lifespan also means you can change the lamps according to your maintenance schedule, not on an emergency basis.

In addition, solid-state construction means no moving parts will break and no filaments will burn out in energy smart LED replacement lamps. They have the same bases and shapes as existing lamps without retrofit or re-wire requirements, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, beam angles, light intensities and color temperatures.

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*GE life rating based on 70% lumen maintenance

GE energy smart LED replacement lamps are the industry's first environmentally friendly ENERGY STAR®-approved omnidirectional general purpose LED A-19 lamps. Their energy efficiency means more light made from less power — and less power consumption means greater energy cost savings. In fact, by replacing old incandescent bulbs with GE energy smart LED replacement lamps, you can instantly reduce lighting power consumption by up to 80%. That also benefits the environment, as less power consumption translates to fewer resources consumed and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, energy smart LED replacement lamps are RoHS compliant — they contain no mercury, lead or cadmium.

GE energy smart LED replacement lamps come with something no other manufacturer can offer: GE testing and quality assurance. And remember, a GE scientist first invented the visible LED, in 1962. Available in PAR, spot, flood or accent models, plus decorative candelabra, flame, globe or night light styles, energy star lamps will deliver significant energy and labor savings over traditional incandescent models — and that makes energy smart LED replacement lamps a wise investment from the moment you swap out an inefficient lamp.

Ask your Graybar representative for all the details about GE energy smart LED replacement lamps today.

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GE's Light Emitting Diode lamps bring energy savings to a variety of lighting applications. The long life and high efficiency of the GE energy smart® family make them an ideal solution for general lighting and hard to reach lighting fixtures.