GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System

GE UltraStart T5 Ballast 47W-T5 Lamp

The T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System from GE and Graybar features GE's most energy-efficient T5 lamp and ballast system. The system consists of:

  • The GE UltraStart® T5 Multi-Volt Ballast, offering savings of an incremental $3 per lamp and $12 per 4-lamp fixture due to energy saving full cathode cutout ballast technology
  • The GE T5HO 47W Watt-Miser® Lamp, offering $23 in energy costs over the life of each lamp* while achieving nearly the same light output as a 54W T5HO**

In addition, this superior lamp and ballast system offers long life, with thermal fold-back protection against overheating and a 4+5 system limited warranty – including a 4-year warranty on the Watt-Miser Lamp and a 5-year warranty on UltraStart Ballast.

Hassle-free maintenance is assured with parallel wiring, assuring if one lamp fails or burns out, the others keep on glowing so the area will not go dark. That can add up to significant labor savings, depending on the amount of lamps that need replacement and fixture locations.

Features at a Glance

  • Produces nearly the same light output of a 54W system**
  • Independent lamp end-of-life assures when a lamp shuts down, other lamps will not be affected
  • Starting time of under 700ms is important for sensors
  • Striation control
  • Arc-guard protection UL type CC protection
  • RoHS® compliant

For high-bay or commercial troffer applications in industrial plants, warehouses or storage facilities, choose the GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System, incorporating GE's best technology. Ask your Graybar representative for more information.

*Based on $.11/kWh, 30.000 hrs burn, savings per one 54W T5 lamp.
**4,800 lumens vs. 5,000 lumens for standard 54W

GE UltraStart T5 Ballast 47W-T5 Lamp