Graybar Financial Services®

When considering a proposal to upgrade your lighting systems, don't let budget constraints get between you and a great project. With energy costs rising, the cost of waiting could prove to be more expensive than you think. Graybar Financial Services® (GFS) can provide you with competitive, value-added financing solutions making your project more feasible and affordable so that you can take advantage of available energy savings today.

We offer a variety of financing programs designed to work specifically with your budget and business demands including Operating Lease and Capital Lease structures.

Operating Lease benefits:

  • Monthly payments are treated as "operating expenses" and don't impact your balance sheet
  • The entire lease payment can be expensed for tax purposes
  • Debt-to-equity ratios are reduced
  • Return on assets and equity are improved

Capital Lease benefits:

  • You'll have full ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease
  • Ability to enjoy tax deductions generated by EPAct
  • Monthly payments can be structured to be less than the energy savings resulting in positive cash flow

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Disclaimer: GFS does not provide tax or financial advice. Please consult an advisor for details related to tax savings, energy rebates and their advantages. Subject to credit approval.