Retrofit with Style: Save Time and Energy, Too

Retrofit your customers' existing luminaires with aesthetically pleasing, architecturally designed Commercial, OpticaHP, Archos and Cruze™ kits from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business. Created with contractors for contractors, our unique retrofit kits will add value and style while making the work environment more inviting and productive without having to change housings. These kits combine the latest energy-saving lamp-ballast technology with the newest in retrofit kit design.

Cooper Lighting Archos

In addition, our retrofit kits save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. As you know, there are many low-cost retrofit kits in the market that achieve energy savings simply by reducing the number of lamps within a luminaire. The energy savings may pay for the kit within a few years – but the lighting quality and look of the workspace remain the same. Cooper Lighting's innovative retrofit kits, however, allows your customers to meet ever-increasing energy guidelines and realize energy savings without the expense of renovation and disposal, providing substantial savings in watts per fixture with no loss of effective lighting.

Cooper Lighting Retrofit Before shot

Efficiency: 69%
Input watts: 86
Lumens/Watts: 59.4
Vertical Illumination: 1:2.5
Lamp life: 20,000 hours
CRI: >75

Cooper Lighting Retrofit After shot

Efficiency: 91%
Input watts: 53
Lumens/Watts: 98.5
Vertical Illumination: 1:1.9
Lamp life: 24,000+ hours
CRI: >83

Cooper Lighting's Advanced Retrofit Technology™ products offer a wide range of features and benefits that save energy, time, labor and money when compared to similar offerings:

  • Ready-Set™, a patented captive and stable screw design, allows for fast and easy installation right out of the box with no parts bag.
  • You can re-use the existing luminaire housing in the ceiling to limit the amount of metal removed, recycled and discarded.
  • Kits seamlessly fit into most competitors'; luminaires with little or no gap, light leak or need for added trim accessories.
  • An optional WhiteOptics™ reflector meets or exceeds utility and government requirements, and improves light output, quality and distribution over existing luminaires.

Choose from three innovative retrofit kits:


The Commercial Retrofit Kit is a prewired assembly that saves installation time without compromising light quality. It's the fastest and most cost-effective solution for saving time or money – or both.


Cooper Lighting Optica

The New OpticaHP Retrofit Kit produces comfortable, optimum lighting levels that maximize efficiency while providing more than 30 percent energy savings compared to existing three-lamp parabolics.


The Archos and Cruze™ Retrofit Kits let customers upgrade their dated louver or lens door with a more contemporary, highly efficient lens shielding that fits into existing parabolics and troffers as low as 31⁄2 in. deep.

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