Greengate NeoSwitch

Installation's Easy and Energy Savings Add Up with New Wall Switch Sensors and Modular Lighting

Cooper Lighting NeoSwitch

A staggering amount of lighting energy is wasted in buildings as a result of leaving lights on when rooms are empty. The EPA estimates that every year private offices are unoccupied 13-50% of the time ... conference rooms and restrooms, 50% of the time. Leaving lights on in a traditional 120 square-foot office, when the office is vacant up to 50% of the time, costs between $4.85 and $18.58 per office per year.

Now an advanced wall switch holds the key to energy and cost savings – NeoSwitch™ Occupancy Sensing Wall Switch from Eaton's Cooper Controls business, the industry's most comprehensive line of neutral and non-neutral wiring options for easy installations in new or existing applications. NeoSwitch is a technological breakthrough that typically results in a 40-60% reduction in electrical energy usage.

Features at a Glance

  • Industry's most comprehensive offering of neutral and non-neutral units
  • No neutral required; faster to install for new or retrofit applications
  • Dual Circuit models available – 2 circuits of control form a single occupancy sensor
  • Standard decorator wallplate included – ($0.25 value)
  • No minimum load required
  • Integral daylight sensor offers greater energy savings opportunity
  • Relay Swap options provides a simple solution for switching circuits after installation(dual relay units only)
  • Available in Passive Infrared and Dual Technology (PIR/US)

Greengate NeoSwitch Wall Occupancy Sensors Tri-Fold

NeoSwitch is the newest line of wall switch occupancy sensors from Cooper Controls. This comprehensive line is available in both passive infrared (PIR) and dual technology (DT), single or dual relay, and with or without a neutral wire.