Metalux Modular F-Bay

Cooper Controls: Installation's Easy and Energy Savings Add Up with Modular Lighting

Cooper Lighting Metalux

Whether your client requires an all-new lighting installation, relocation or retrofit, Metalux Modular F-Bay series from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business of fluorescent high-bay luminaires is the way to go to save time, money and energy.

These convenient, cost-saving modular luminaires come with factory-assembled connectors and modular manufactured wiring attached to an electrical supply receptacle. They arrive at the job site ready to plug and power – and that makes installation faster, easier and less costly than installing hardwired lighting. It's a cinch to reconfigure lights if a tenant wants to make a change or when a new tenant moves in.

In addition, the modular F-Bay's plug-in power connection offers quick, safe access to an individual fixture's power supply. With this labor-saving feature, if servicing is required, there's no need to remove lamps or reflectors to disconnect the fixture power...nor is it necessary to turn off all the fixtures and disrupt building occupants.

Another advantage of the Modular F-Bay is its plug-in modular sensor kit option that offers a lighting control system to manage and conserve energy. The sensors are pre-wired and assembled with a modular plug-in cord for fast, simple field installation that requires no hard wiring. In addition to new construction, Modular F-Bay offers an effective alternative to retrofit H.I.D. applications that are likely operating at 60-70% of their original light output and consuming 25-40% more energy than an equivalent fluorescent product would require.

Contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to find out how you can start saving time and energy now with the new Metalux Modular F-Bay Series Luminaire from Metalux Eaton's Cooper Lighting business.

Features at a Glance

  • Ideal for use in drywall or acoustical ceilings, including those with high mounting heights andwhere high lumen output is required – such as retail and department stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, school gymnasiums, auditoriums, convention centers and other large spaces
  • Offers uniform brightness control, high system efficacy, 95% lumen maintenance, long lamp life, instant on/instant restrike, economical dimming, more emergency options, and exceptional color rendering benefits
  • Wiring is pre-configured in a range of lengths, 120-600 volts
  • Complies with the NEC requirement for linear ballast disconnect (eff. January 1, 2008)
  • UL and CSA approved
Modular Power Supply Receptacle Modular Power Cord and Plugs for easy plug and power No internal fixture access required for installation or disconnection Modular Motion Sensor Option
Cooper Lighting Modular Power Supply Receptacle Cooper Lighting Modular Power Cord and Plugs Cooper Lighting Mod Cord1 Cooper Lighting Modular Motion Sensor Option