Crouse-Hinds LED Industrial Lighting Solutions

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Collage

Rugged, dependable Crouse-Hinds LED Industrial Lighting from Eaton's Crouse-Hinds business helps your customers cut overall facility operating costs in numerous ways. LED lighting delivers long life – up to 60,000 hours – reducing frequent lamp replacement and it improves energy efficiency, using only half the power of standard HID luminaires. In addition, your customers will save time and costs typically associated with discarding fixtures, since eco-friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other hazardous materials; plus, it meets increasingly demanding environmental standards. Furthermore, LED industrial lighting increases productivity and safety with crisp, white light. It resists shock and vibration, and offers instant illumination, re-strike and cold temperature operation – no warm-up required.

No wonder Eaton's Crouse-Hinds business LED Industrial Lighting is the right choice for harsh and hazardous environments, indoors and out. With its T5 temperature operation, it's ideal for manufacturing plants; heavy industrial; chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical facilities; loading docks; and tunnels and other locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures, as well as areas requiring frequent on-and-off of lights, where flammable vapors, gases, ignitable dusts, fibers or flyings are present.

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