Built For Performance & Savings: Champ® FMV Series LED Floodlights

Crouse-Hinds FMV Champ Series LED Floodlights

Lighting Harsh Environments Like a Champ

The Champ FMV Series LED Floodlight—a real winner when it comes to performance and savings—takes industrial lighting in harsh environments to a whole new level. Custom optics spread the light out in a standard 7x6 beam pattern designed to maximize useful light.

Bottom line: One floodlight fixture is suitable for applications where gases, dusts, flying fibers, corrosive agents, and high- or low-ambient conditions are present. The Champ Series LED floodlight also works well in nonhazardous areas where energy consumption is a concern, and where maintenance is an issue due to work being done or fixture height.

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Features and Benefits

  • When compared to 400W HID, the Champ® FMV floodlight provides 72% reduction in energy costs, 75% lower total cost of ownership, and 100% maintenance reduction
  • 50,000 hours of rated life at 65°C operating ambient
  • Up to 117 lumens per watt
  • Designed to global specifications for IEC and NEC applications
  • Class I, Division 2 fixture also ideal for IP66, Type 4X, marine, wet locations and hose-down environments
  • Custom optics – standard 7x6 beam pattern designed to maximize light distribution and intensity
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, water and dust
  • Rugged heat sink ensures longer life
  • LED fixtures are compatible with Crouse-Hinds HID and LED floodlight installed base
  • Field serviceable drivers
  • Available in six versions from 3,000 – 13,000 lumens (70W – 400W+ equivalent)

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