Crouse-Hinds ECP Series Explosionproof Enclosures

Cooper Crouse-Hinds ECP Enclosures

Introducing the Explosionproof Control Panel (ECP), the latest addition to Eaton's Crouse-Hinds business portfolio of electrical products for OEM applications featuring an optimized design and fast lead times. ECP Enclosures are available in 40 standard sizes with optional conduit and device drilling and tapping. They are used as classified enclosures, junction boxes, pull boxes or control panels in rigid conduit systems and with metal clad cable rated for hazardous locations.

Features at a Glance

  • Bolt-on/tap-in mounting feet allow for easy field replacement in case of damage or breaking
  • Aluminum hinges come standard on sizes 121204 and larger, and are available on sizes 081006 through 101406 by adding suffix S598
  • Stroke-sanded finish creates smoother surface for installation of push button/pilot light operators
  • Neoprene gasket comes standard in all sizes and provides NEMA 4 rating
  • Factory drilled and tapped, internal mounting pads enable the installer to easily add a mounting plate in the field
  • Factory-machined, drilled, and tapped entries up to three inches in diameter
  • UL/cUL certified for field addition of drilled and tapped entries on sides, top, bottom, or back of the enclosure


[PDF] Cooper Crouse-Hinds ECP Series Explosionproof Enclosures for OEM Applications