Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems provide the ultimate in lighting energy cost control, streamlined facility maintenance and energy efficiency. They involve communication between the lighting equipment and a central control system that can be adjusted, automated and monitored. The integration of occupancy sensors, dimmers, timers, motion sensors and photosensors into an automated lighting controls system allows for greater energy management.

Schneider Powerlink Lighting Control

Systems can be stand-alone or integrated into building-wide automation systems. Schedule-based systems allow lighting to be controlled based on time-of-day while more sophisticated systems also respond to signals sent from external control devices such as sensors or switches. Digital control systems assign device-specific addresses to each segment, allowing commands to be issued to specific portions of the building's lighting system.

Management of the lighting systems can facilitate pre-planning of maintenance schedules and analysis of occupancy trends to determine possible areas for energy usage improvement. Lighting control systems can also assist in load shedding practices, driving down usage during peak demand periods.

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