Energy Savings

Depending on your level of integration of lighting controls and their proper installation and use, your facility can save upwards of 75 percent of lighting energy costs.

Solutions Single Space Energy Savings
Occupancy/Vacancy sensing 20-60 percent²
Daylight harvesting 20-60 percent³
Personal control 10-20 percent4
Plug load control 35 percent5
plug load

*Sources – Lutron Commercial Energy Savings Solutions

  • According to the New Buildings Institute, lighting controls can reduce lighting energy use by 50 percent in existing buildings and by at least 35 percent in new construction
  • Daylight dimming controls can reduce lighting energy use by 40 percent or more and are a means of reducing peak loads
  • A year-long study of light fixtures that integrated occupancy sensors, daylight dimming and dimming control produced 42-47 percent energy savings
  • Use of lighting controls reduces the amount of power used during the peak demand period by automatically dimming lights or turning them off when they are not needed
  • Dimming or shutting off electric lights reduces the number of hours per year that the lights are on, extending the life of the bulbs and reducing energy costs
  • By reducing lighting use, internal heat gains are reduced which allows for reduced HVAC system size and a reduction in the building's cooling needs

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