Advantages of Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls
  • Lighting controls and daylighting are used in lighting design projects to implement an energy-efficient lighting system
  • Reduces or eliminates reliance on occupants or employees to turn lights off; lighting controls do that automatically with timers, sensors or programming logic
  • Life of lamps and ballasts are extended due to reduced run-time which reduces time spent on maintenance and lowers overall maintenance expense
  • Reduces the number of hours per year that the lights are on
  • Improves employee satisfaction and productivity by providing appropriate lighting levels, minimizing glare and balancing surface brightness
  • Wireless lighting controls reduce installation costs and increase flexibility in areas where switches and sensors can be placed
  • Lighting controls offer flexibility in lighting a specific office, a group of lights, a section of a floor or a whole floor
  • Dimmers can provide lighting flexibility in multi-use rooms or rooms in which projectors are used
  • Exterior motion detectors and interior occupancy sensors can turn lights on when people are present

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