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  • Tread safely – TREADSAFE LED Stairwell Lights

    This fixture is designed for safety and is ideal for commercial and industrial stairwell applications. TREADSAFE (TSLED) comes with an integrated, ultrasonic sensor that detects occupancy through sound waves. Unlike occupancy sensors that utilize passive infrared, TSLED's motion sensor does not require a direct line of sight, like in stairwells where the stairs themselves might block the line of a passive infrared sensor.


  • The nLight ECLYPSE – Unified Building Control to Make Buildings Smarter

    The modular design and wireless connectivity make the nLight ECLYPSE controller ideal for renovation projects.


  • Juno Trac-Master Conix II

    The sleek, sculpted aesthetic of the T261LG3 Conix® II LED fixture is unrivaled in the industry and offers a fresh, contemporary appeal. Conix II LEDs are compatible with all Juno line-voltage trac and standard adapter accessories.


  • Acuity Brands Juno 4-inch TC1RCWN Clamp-Style Remodel Housing

    This economical 4-inch, 120V housing is designed for fast, simple installation and features factory-installed, screw-driven remodel clamps and a prewired junction box. It installs tightly into 1/8-inch to 5/8-inch thick ceilings and won't shift or turn during trim installation or removal.​


  • New Wisenet P Series Delivers 4K Resolution and Superior Compression

    Wisenet P Series 4K cameras achieve significant bandwidth ​and storage savings without sacrificing performance — along with all of the proven surveillance technologies, reliability and quality inherent in Hanwha's comprehensive line of surveillance solutions. It's a new high in performance and value — only from Hanwha.


  • Power Sentry Field Installable LED Emergency Drivers Are Here!

    It's now easier than ever to comply with Life Safety Codes with new UL certified field-installable LED emergency drivers from Power Sentry from Acuity Brands. Learn more.


  • Juno Commercial LED Retrofit Trims (JCLR Series)

    These trim assemblies can replace up to 42-watt CFL lamps, while producing as high as 2400 lumens at just 27.5-watt input. With Juno Commercial ​LED Retrofit Trims, you can upgrade virtually any 6-inch and 8-inch non-IC commercial recessed rough-in section to the latest in energy-efficient LED technology.


  • Indy Generation 3 L-Series LED Family

    The very popular, comprehensive family of Indy L-Series luminaires from Acuity Brands — including downlights, wall washers, cylinders and adjustables — is now offered with nLight, the networked digital lighting control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability. The nLight module (NPP16D option) is just another reason why Indy L-Series is easy to choose!


  • The Future of LED Lighting Controls: nLight AIR from Acuity Brands

    In a perfect world, every Friday would be a holiday and every installation would be fast and easy. Acuity can’t exactly do your work for you (sorry), but nLight® AIR comes pretty close. With fewer devices and no wiring, this smart wireless lighting-control solution allows you to quickly and confidently finish the job and move on to the next. Read more. ​


  • Aculux 4-inch Recessed LED Precision Luminaires

    State-of-the-art LED technology provides superb color consistency with energy saving efficacies of up to 102 lumens per watt. With Spot On! optics, Acu-Aim™ precision geared aiming and patented Tru-Line™ installation, Aculux luminaires provide specifiers the confidence their lighting design will be realized. Learn more.