Wireline, Wireless, and Software Technology for Transport Solutions

Mobile Backhaul


Fujitsu offers complete solutions and professional services to support the stringent requirements for mobile backhaul networks. Connection-oriented Ethernet (COE) is ideally suited for 3G and 4G mobile backhaul network applications. Delivered via the FLASHWAVE Packet Optical Networking Platforms, COE combines the desirable attributes of SONET with the benefits of Ethernet. By choosing a COE solution for backhaul infrastructure, operators get deterministic precision QoS, security, and reliability as well as Layer 2 aggregation, scalable bandwidth and statistical multiplexing. COE can be delivered directly over fiber or can optimize an existing SONET infrastructure for 3G and 4G Ethernet-based services, while efficiently transporting legacy TDM-based 2G services.

Core Network Transport

Fujitsu Packet Optical, ROADM, and C/DWDM platforms are ideal for core transport networks. The next-generation, multiservice and photonic transport products deliver powerful solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of core networks and enable the new generation of packet-centric services.

Latency-Sensitive Applications

Fujitsu Wavelength-pision Multiplexing (WDM) optical networking platforms, such as the FLASHWAVE 7420 system, are ideal for latency-intolerant applications. These platforms offer the high bandwidth and flexibility needed to service real-time applications, dramatically reducing delay in building-to-building optical transport connections.

Wireless Transport

The Fujitsu name has stood for excellence in microwave radio and wireless backhaul for decades—you can depend on the reliability and robustness of these platforms. Fujitsu Microwave and e-Band solutions are based on two platforms. The BroadOne GX-4000 E-Band Radio is ideal for short-haul deployment or challenging terrain, and where fiberless fronthaul is desirable. The BroadOne FRX-3E Long-Haul Microwave Radio platform serves similar deployment situations over the long haul.

100G Solutions

Fujitsu is enabling carriers to deploy 40 Gbps/ 100 Gbps optical interfaces over their legacy FLASHWAVE 7500 and new FLASHWAVE 9500 networks. Since carriers continue to use 10 Gbps wavelengths and services, Fujitsu WDM platforms allow mixed operation of 10, 40, and 100 Gbps optical transport over the same network, ensuring seamless, cost-efficient growth as higher speed optical interfaces are introduced.