Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer Series

Time is money. See how the DTX CableAnalyzer saves you both.

Fluke Networks DTX 1800 Image

Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer™ Series combines powerful speed and unprecedented accuracy no other certification tester can match. This revolutionary platform significantly reduces total time to certify to save you time you can see on your bottom line – as much as 33% of certification costs per year. Certify a Cat 6 link three times faster than other testers with 9-second Cat 6 Autotest and Levels II, III, IIIe, and IV accuracy. DTX also gives you optional OLTS and OTDR fiber modules, easy-to-understand diagnostics, 12-hour battery life, a bright color display and nearly instant setup and reporting. DTX - It's all about time!

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