Fluke Networks Fiber Test and Troubleshooting Instruments

Optical Fiber Cabling for Data Communication Test and Troubleshooting

As fiber links support higher speed network bandwidths with increasingly stringent requirements, it is becoming all the more important to ensure that your backbone links meet tightening loss standards. The need for higher data transmission capacity continues to grow as network applications grow and expand. These higher transmission speeds demand cabling that delivers higher bandwidth support. This testing guide outlines cabling performance requirements, field testing, certification and troubleshooting techniques and instruments to ensure that the installed optical fiber cabling supports the high data rate applications such as 1 and 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet, Fibre Channel and the anticipated 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet applications.

Optical Fiber Test and Troubleshooting Solutions

The Fluke Networks fiber-test family is the industry’s broadest range of tools for testing and troubleshooting enterprise fiber optic cabling. From the most essential and basic tasks of fiber end-face inspection and cleaning, to full cable certification, Fluke Networks’ precision instruments efficiently help you ensure datacenter cable infrastructure bandwidth and quality.

Whether you install fiber, respond to trouble tickets, or oversee the entire enterprise fiber network, it is essential that you own tools from each of these three categories:

  • Fiber inspection and cleaning
  • Fiber verification
  • Fiber certification

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