Driving Your Intelligent Transportation Systems Forward

In the successful planning and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), it’s important to remember that it’s about the journey and the destination. Here at Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI), we specialize in a variety of key data center solutions designed to help you configure and customize your ITS for optimized performance, and once established, ensuring sustained reliability and efficiency. Approaching your needs with this two-pronged approach, CPI’s ability to draw upon its global manufacturing resources guarantees a comprehensive level of sophistication and success.

First and foremost, in planning for an ITS, consideration must be paid to how the data center will support the ITS in its day-to-day functions. In handling the high volume of traffic data, including vehicle information, loads, routes, transportation times, fuel consumption and more, the ITS data center needs cable management capable of navigating the gridlock. That’s where CPI’s Velocity™ Cable Management comes in.

Velocity Cable Management

Chatsworth Velocity Cable Management Image

As an economical cable management solution for everyday use in data centers, the Velocity Cable Management product line creates a complete vertical and/or horizontal pathway for premise cabling and patch cord on CPI Rack Systems. These cable managers, both single- and double-sided vertical and single-sided horizontal, offer a tool-less, easy-to-install alternative to more complex cable managers – while still offering abundant space and T-shaped cable guides for easy mounting and organization. Ultimately, if the integrity of your ITS depends on reliable cabling (and it does!), consider CPI’s Velocity Cable Management – it’s a snap! Find out more about CPI’s Velocity Cable Management.


T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet

Chatsworth T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet Image

If cable management is the long and winding road to managing the flow of your ITS data, then the trusted enclosures that house this data are like the all-important traffic tower. With CPI’s T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet product line, you can rest assured your ITS data is safely buckled in by the sturdy, welded steel construction and 2000 lb static load rating of the T-Series. Even more importantly, the T-Series cabinet supports high-density heat loads with a variety of CPI exclusive thermal accessories, giving you a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for the ITS infrastructure. Find out more about the T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet product line here.


Power Management Products

Chatsworth Power Management Products Image

Of course, no ITS data center is road-worthy without the proper fuel – or in this case, electricity. With CPI’s Power Management Products, the safe, reliable distribution of power on racks and cabinets ensures your ITS remains online and fully-functional even under the most pressing conditions and outages. With a wide variety of sizes and configurations, our vertical and horizontal, single- or three-phase, single- or multi-input, high or low voltage Power Distribution Units (PDUs) can be monitored locally or through Internet Protocol (IP). While the vertical power strips provide a large number of outlets without consuming valuable rack-mount unit space, horizontal strips are equally as capable with a compact and easily attachable design for use in any rack-mount environment. By giving you real-time access to your power consumption and output, CPI’s Power Management Products are the perfect anchor to any ITS implementation. Learn more about CPI Power Management Products.

To get where you’re going in today’s ITS marketplace, go with the company that’s been in the driver’s seat since day one – go with Chatsworth Products, Inc.