Distributed Antenna System Financing

Graybar Financial Services® can help you manage cash flow. Graybar Financial Services (GFS) is the financing subsidiary of Graybar. We can provide you with competitive, value-added financing options that will enable you to acquire your Distributed Antenna System when a budget is limited or non-existent. GFS can construct a financing package that fits your specific needs and can also incorporate offsets offered by service providers so that the total financed amount is reduced.

GFS options include:

  • Terms from one to five years
  • Monthly, quarterly, deferred, step and skip payment structures
  • Bundling of charges related to equipment, installation, software and services into a single monthly payment
  • Programs for commercial, state and local government customers

Our goal is to make the equipment acquisition process as seamless as possible and to enable you to preserve capital for other, mission critical projects. Most importantly, with GFS, you can always speak to a financing professional so that you get the support you need, when you need it.