In-Building Wireless Solutions

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The In-Building Wireless Landscape.

Wireless connectivity is the norm today, and its ever-increasing demand is driven by unprecedented growth in customer and employee mobility. Seamless wireless access is not only an expectation but also a requirement in instances such as emergency response. Graybar understands the network capacity challenges building owners, business executives, IT departments and facility managers face. We have the experience and resources to bring innovative wireless solutions to your building or campus now.

Consumer demand is driving In-Building Wireless growth.

In both personal and business communications, wireless technology is fast becoming the method of choice. Just a few years ago, cellular coverage to the edge of a building was acceptable. This is not the case today, where nearly 70 percent of all wireless traffic is indoors. Users demand their mobile devices work effectively everywhere, and the onus is on the building owner, not the carrier or service provider, to guarantee connectivity.

Graybar understands In-Building Wireless. We have the strength, reliability and experience you can count on.

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Business communication is changing.

Wireless technology is changing the way we do business and communicate. Today 70 percent of all wireless handsets can browse the web and receive e-mail. In 2009, 257 million data-capable wireless devices (smartphones, PDAs, laptops, notebooks, etc.) were in operation. As the smartphone becomes smarter and cloud computing grows, so will the rapid proliferation of tablet PCs and smart handheld devices. Wireless is entrenched in every facet of our business and personal life, and maintaining wireless connectivity is a priority for most.

Graybar’s comprehensive in-building solutions offer exactly what you need to satisfy your client and employee wireless needs.

The Graybar Advantage. The ubiquitous In-Building Wireless network is a requirement of every commercial building and campus. Graybar provides the strategic resources to design, deploy and maintain a state-of-the-art In-Building Wireless solution. We have the products, people, capabilities and commitment to deliver unsurpassed performance and value.

Public Safety Requirements. With heightened awareness around national security, regulatory changes are affecting wireless Distributed Antenna Systems installed in commercial buildings, on campuses and in public spaces. These systems should include a public safety option, which permits first responder radios to send and receive within your facility. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published codes mandating these public safety requirements. Many municipalities have adopted ordinances requiring a public safety in-building antenna system in new construction and, in some cases, retrofitted into existing facilities. If this is a requirement in your area, the antenna system you choose should also improve wireless connectivity for your employees, customers, students and patients.

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The multiple service provider (carrier) option. Your employees, customers and students want choices, and so do you. Using a single carrier for your building may be limiting as new wireless technologies (4G, LTE, WiMAX, etc.) emerge. Your system needs to be scalable so you can add services without waiting for your single carrier to update their system in your building.

At Graybar, we recommend multiple service provider solutions also known as “carrier neutral systems.” With these systems, you can own the equipment installed in your facility. All the service providers you select can be housed on your system. As technology changes, you can immediately react with simple changes to your equipment.

Graybar provides you with the strategic resources to deploy a state-of-the-art In-Building Wireless solution. Graybar provides the logistics and supply chain services to assist the equipment manufacturers, the integration firm, the installation company and Graybar Financial Services with all aspects of your building or campus wireless project. We focus on six critical areas:

Assessment. This process begins with your local Graybar representatives. In assessing the best system recommendations for you, they will tour your facility campus, ask questions and listen to your needs. Follow up visits will include additional integration and design team members to further refine the scope of the project.

Design. Based upon the information gathered during assessment, the project will enter the design phase. Here, the system components are selected and matched. A technical drawing of the entire system and a materials list is created. Material costs and estimated installation costs are calculated.

Money Dollars

Financing. Graybar Financial Services® can help you manage cash flow. Graybar Financial Services (GFS) specializes in providing competitive, value-added financing solutions when budgets are limited or non-existent. Our ability to bundle charges related to equipment, installation, services and software can make the process to acquire your in-building antenna system easy and affordable. Our creative programs enable projects to move forward and can assist you in managing your costs and budgets effectively.

Wireless service providers (carriers) may want to contribute to your project to increase their coverage area on your campus. Our team has specialists in carrier negotiation, and we are poised to negotiate with the service providers on your behalf.

Integration. Distributed Antenna Systems are complex projects. They require a high degree of integration and coordination. Our integration team members are extremely experienced in deploying Distributed Antenna Systems and will be involved in every aspect of your project, including:

  • Selecting components from various manufacturers so they match and work together.
  • Working with service providers to coordinate the retransmission agreements and facilitate the connection of the various service providers onto your system.
  • Delivering the service provider feeds and balancing and tuning your system for optimum performance.
  • Commissioning your system for service and providing the service carriers with the performance characteristics of your system.

Construction. Construction includes attaching outdoor and indoor antennas to your facility, providing the fiber optic, coaxial and twisted pair cabling to interconnect all the components, and installing the electronic equipment. The highly trained communication contractors working on your project hold the required equipment manufacturer certifications and are skilled in the installation of communications infrastructure. The integration team will provide project management services during the entire construction phase of the project.

Maintenance. Maintaining the system is important to deliver peak performance. We will connect you with trusted resources that can watch over your system and provide the help you need to keep it working.

Built on a foundation of quality and reliability, Graybar's customized In-Building Wireless Solutions bring you a high level of performance and a low total cost of ownership. Specializing in supply chain management, we are dedicated to bringing you technology-driven solutions and unrivaled customer service. Our ultimate goal is to help you overcome operational challenges and support your needs in an ever-changing business environment.