Maintenance, Repair and Operations

MRO-OEM Wine Bottle Plant Conveyor

Graybar has over 100 years experience in serving industrial, healthcare, government and educational facilities. We provide solutions that keep your facility and equipment up and running.

The list below identifies some of the ways Graybar uniquely supports MRO customers:

  • Standardization/conversion
  • Electronic repair
  • eCatalog
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Project order management services
  • On-site inventory management services
  • Electronic commerce (EDI, EFT, online ordering)
  • Project staging and kitting services
  • Performance measurement programs
  • Specialized application/customer capabilities
  • Cost savings documentation through SalesStrat
  • Customer automated inventory management services
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Procurement card processing
  • Product and services outsourcing capabilities

The people at Graybar are at your service.

  • Best-in-class manufacturers
  • Safety programs
  • EPAct analysis
  • Nationwide distribution & logistic services
  • Project management services
  • Quality & consistent customer service platform
  • On-site inventory management services
  • Product quality verification
  • Financial services & leasing
  • Rapid-response emergency services
  • Government purchasing programs
  • Electronic commerce
  • Project staging & kitting services
  • Diversity business development (MWBE) program
  • Performance measurement programs
  • Creation of specialized customer capabilities
  • Field-level automation specialists
  • Field-level network system specialists
  • Pre and post sales technical support

Talk to your local Graybar representative about customizing a solution to meet the unique needs of your facility.