Direct Attach

Typically, structured cabling for voice and data in commercial applications utilizes two four-pair cables terminated in a workstation outlet. This design approach is outlined in TIA 568-C cabling standards documents. The workstation outlet offers the user an administered connection for IP devices such as computers and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones.

Most IP facility devices (cameras, wifi access points, lighting control, etc.) are located in ceilings, high on interior and exterior walls or in maintenance areas and plenum spaces. They are dedicated to specific (no-user administered) building-system applications. Many times at the device end, it is not practical to use a jack, faceplate, and patch cord. Consideration can be made for termination of a modular plug directly on the horizontal cable.

The Direct Attach solution provides confidence this configuration will meet your expectations.

Direct Attach | Method for Network Connections in Commercial Facilities

Graybar has identified another method for network connections in commercial facilities, known as Direct Attach. The typical cabling structure for voice and data in commercial applications uses two, four-pair cables terminated on a patch panel in a wiring closet at the near end with a workstation outlet on the far end. The workstation outlet usually consists of a faceplate, jacks to terminate the cables and patch cords to connect the user equipment.