Reliable Power

Power reliability is critical for many companies today due to black outs, brown outs, power sags and power surges. Lost data can cost companies substantial amounts of money while negatively affecting productivity. Sensitive electronic equipment needs to be protected and equipment downtime needs to be avoided. Available solutions should provide power reliability while at the same time provide energy efficiency.

APC Intelligent surge suppressor image

Uninterruptible Power Supply

There are many UPS systems available today to support your power reliability requirements. Now there are UPS systems that are intelligent about energy usage. Intelligent UPS systems allow a master device to determine whether the controlled devices receive any energy. Did you know that devices plugged into outlets will draw energy even when not in use? Management of devices using an intelligent UPS can save enough energy to pay for the cost of the UPS within a couple of years.

Sensor Controlled surge protector Image

Intelligent Surge Suppressor

Surge suppressors can also provide energy efficient options. Like the UPS systems that have master and slave device outlets, surge suppressors can also offer this option. Using their sensor expertise, WattStopper offers a surge suppressor that includes a motion sensor that controls energy output to six outlets – when the motion sensors detect no motion in the room the outlets are turned off. When looking for energy savings, don't forget about all your devices that are plugged in throughout your facility. Using intelligent UPS and surge suppressors can add additional savings to your bottom line.

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