Power Distribution and Control

A review of your power distribution and control systems can uncover plenty of energy-saving opportunities. Improved power quality, reduced maintenance and extended equipment life are additional benefits that can be achieved in some applications.

Power Distribution and Control Energy Efficiency Transformer

Energy-Efficient Transformers

NEMA TP-1 low-voltage transformers achieve a significant reduction, up to 30%, of core loss compared to a standard 150º C general purpose transformer. This results in a reduction in energy loss and an improvement of your energy efficiency. Typical payback is generally achievable in less than five years.

Motor Efficiency

Half of the electricity produced in the U.S. is used to power some type of motor. Motors can be found in just about any facility: commercial, industrial, government or residential.

NEMA Premium Motor image

There are many options when considering changes to improve your motor efficiency:

  • Replace the motor – NEMA Premium® motors can save up to 18% of the electricity cost for that motor
  • Add variable speed drives (VSD, ASD, VFD) – these drives allow motor speeds to adjust based on need versus running at 100%, reducing electrical draw by 10-50%
  • Use reduced-voltage starters – these starters lower peak starting current by as much as 50%, potentially lowering peak power demand

Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows for distribution of reliable DC power over the same cables that carry Ethernet data. This eliminates the need for running both data and power to each network device. When implemented with uninterruptible power supply or battery backup, PoE allows enterprises to distribute power even when the AC electrical power is down.

Power Quality

You can reduce utility costs, improve productivity and extend the operating life of your equipment by addressing power quality issues such as harmonics, low-power factor and voltage sags. Power factor correction capacitors such as Schneider's ReactiVar® and AccuSine® solutions help you achieve your energy-efficient needs without unwanted side effects.