Building Automation and Controls

Thermal and Airflow Management

Graybar's technical specialists have the knowledge and ability to assist you in meeting your cooling, airflow and cooling fluid objectives.

Power Distribution and Control

A review of your power distribution and control systems can uncover plenty of energy-saving opportunities.

Lighting Controls

Graybar simplifies energy management. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to simply turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Automatic sensors, timers, dimmers and schedulers can help manage your lighting and equipment. Daylighting controls take advantage of natural lighting and improve the commercial space while reducing energy usage.



Small commercial property automation and energy management is perfected with the wireless Lumina RF Eco-system. Automate and control lights, fans, shades, pumps, window coverings and more.


Energy Metering

Increasingly, states and cities are seeing the benefit of smart meters, extending the power of information and informed decisions of electrical usage. By planning and implementing smart metering technologies, facilities can remain ahead of the requirement curve and reap significant and ongoing cost savings.