PowerSmart Solutions

Sharing our knowledge of energy-efficient new construction and facility management is part of the value Graybar brings to our customers every day. Our mission is to increase your energy efficiency today and into the future while extending the life of your facilities and reducing maintenance costs. Of course you get the added benefit of bolstering your environmental stewardship. Every facility is unique and requires a customized combination of products and services to maximum its energy efficiency.

Intelligent energy solutions not only reduce your energy consumption, but also reduce your maintenance costs, improve safety, increase equipment reliability and improve your employee productivity. Selecting the right solutions today can set you on a path to the future where energy cost is not just an expense item but instead is a key performance indicator for your facility and your overall business success.

Graybar understands the need to make intelligent decisions about your energy efficiency goals and initiatives and is here to help.

Want to learn more about...

  • Solar legislation impacting lighting options?
  • How advanced metering can support your energy management objectives?
  • LED lighting applications?
  • How Power over Ethernet can save you energy?

Need some help...

  • Developing a comprehensive energy strategy?
  • Determining where most of your energy usage is and the best opportunities for savings?
  • Determining your data center PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)?
  • Financing your energy projects?
  • Assessing improvements in your lighting?
  • Meeting internal green purchasing initiatives?
  • Improving power reliability with reduced energy consumption?
  • Identifying energy-saving opportunities in your power distribution network?
  • Determining steps to take to avoid peak load charges?

Are you prepared for...

  • Meeting EPAct requirements for energy efficiency?
  • Meeting state and local mandates for energy efficiency?
  • Increasing electricity costs?
  • Cap and trade legislation that could effect your cost of energy?
  • Local legislation requiring new construction and renovation to meet LEED or equivalent standards?

Are you taking advantage of...

  • Available federal, state, local and utility incentives?
  • Energy savings that free up working capital to fund key projects?
  • Renewable energy sources for energy independence?

We're here to help you identify intelligent energy solutions. Just give us a call!


Graybar Greens its Headquarters

Graybar built its corporate headquarters in St. Louis in 1982, when the company relocated from New York City. In 2012, the Graybar evaluated the 30-year-old building to see where it could improve energy efficiencies to reduce both operating costs and the impact on the environment.