PowerSmart Assessment

The first step in energy management is to understand your facility's current level of energy consumption. This can be done for the whole facility or for specific consumables of energy such as lighting, motor control or data center cooling. Once the energy fitness baseline is established, a plan to improve the level of energy efficiency can be created. The plan should include ways to measure the energy efficiency improvement and provide appropriate reporting of energy savings.

PowerSmart Team

We'll work with you to identify the appropriate type of assessment based on your business drivers and budget requirements. Utilizing our specialists in lighting, networking and automation, and our manufacturers, we can offer the following assessment services:

Total Energy ControlSM – Schneider Electric offers this program to qualified industrial manufacturing companies and health care facilities that need a long-term energy action plan with short-term opportunities. Plans are tailored for specific facilities and include a total energy picture that addresses utility analysis, demand side usage, opportunity identification and prioritization, project implementation, supply management and on-going accountability.

Lighting Assessments – our lighting specialists and several of our key manufacturers offer a wide range of services from simple walkthrough assessments to professional grade audits. Our extensive lighting knowledge will help you get the solution that aligns with your technology, design, and cost requirements.

Data Center Assessments – our network system specialists and our key manufacturers, Schneider and APC, can assess the energy efficiency of your data center and provide recommendations on how to decrease your energy consumption and improve your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Power Assessments – our automation specialists and key manufacturer, Schneider, offer a wide range of assessments from simple walk-through assessments to auditable power system assessments and studies - identifying energy–efficiency opportunities that can add value to your bottom line. Like any project, planning and analysis for energy-efficiency projects is critical to success. Performing an assessment, even a simple one, can enable your company to select the right solutions and services, and apply them in the most efficient manner, to drive the best return for your facility's unique needs.