SolarSpec™ DC connector system

Safe, Money-Saving Solution Keeps Couplers Connected

In harsh solar applications, connectors can accidentally decouple. Now Graybar and Molex introduce the SolarSpec™ DC connector system with built-in latch guards – the safe and money-saving solution for photovoltaic and thin film OEMs, installers and inverter manufacturers.

Molex SolarSpec coupler

These rugged, durable pin and socket connectors are designed to be directly connected to solar junction boxes, field installations and photovoltaic grid wiring. They feature simple snap-lock mating and an internal locking mechanism for superior safety.

Best of all, because SolarSpec DC connectors have a built-in latch, installers never have to worry about losing, forgetting or incorrectly reattaching a secondary locking mechanism in the field. Other similar connectors require purchasing a separate safety lock clip to meet code, but that’s not necessary with the SolarSpec system. And the built-in latch cannot be dropped, misplaced or forgotten if the connector is unmated in the field.

Your Graybar representative has complete information about SolarSpec DC connectors, the safe, lower total-cost solution for solar market applications.

Features at a Glance:

  • Built-in latch guards eliminate the need to purchase secondary safety locking clips – no more worry about losing, forgetting or incorrectly attaching clips in the field
  • Compliant with UL, TUV and CSA agency approvals to ensure long life in harsh environments
  • Rugged, durable connectors are IP67-sealed to protect against dust and water and to resist UV and ozone damage common in solar applications
  • Internal locking mechanism, protected by latch guards, requires a tool to unlock, preventing unauthorized decoupling of connectors
  • Molded surface ribs can be securely gripped, especially when wearing work gloves
  • Touch-proof safety design provides protection from electrical current, even when connectors are unmated
  • The simple snap-lock mating design offers quick and easy factory or field assembly
  • Polarization and an audible locking click let you know connectors have been mated successfully
Molex SolarSpec  Junction Box