Graybar and Pelco Deliver Security Solutions

SmartGrid Security Pelco Diagram

For more than twenty years, Pelco has been dedicated to designing, developing and bringing to market tailored solutions for video security professionals. We understand security, its challenges and its opportunities as no one else can. We understand it because it is who we are. Pelco is security.

From our earliest pan-and-tilt mechanisms to today's industry leading Spectra IV IP network camera positioning systems, Pelco consistently listens to our customers to develop those products that address their needs. It has been our core philosophy for twenty years and it will continue to drive us for the next twenty and beyond.

It is specifically because of such an approach that Pelco consistently delivers solutions that are thoroughly developed, tested and ready for immediate deployment. The results speak for themselves. Trusted to safeguard installations around the world - from commercial, industrial, financial and other institutions to our nation's - and the world's - most treasured landmarks - Pelco is uniquely positioned and dedicated to delivering the results you demand.


Graybar offers solutions to help protect fence lines, entrances, exits and overall security.

Fence line

Entrance Monitoring

Inside Plant or Facility

Graybar offers solutions to protect internal assets such and people and property along with products to monitor overall processes.

General Viewing

Process Monitoring

Complete Network Solution

Monitoring and Data Collection

Existing Applications

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