Bussmann Compact Modular Fuse Holder

Maximize panel space and save on wiring and components with easy-to-use, finger-safe, top-rated Bussmann Compact Modular Fuse Holders from Eaton's Bussmann business. Their reduced footprint is up to 10 percent smaller than the competition so you can conserve valuable panel space.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to identify and specify: Color coding allows quick application ID – Yellow = PV, Red = IEC, Black = UL
  • Safety: Finger-safe DIN-rail mount
  • Best ratings: Up to 32A, 1000V, 200kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) and the latest PV fuse holder standard (UL 4248-18)
  • Conserves panel space: Up to a 10 percent smaller footprint compared to competition
  • Accessories enhance flexibility: Save time and money by reducing wiring and components with the advanced Comb-Bus Bar and PLC communication accessories