Evolution of Custom Cabinets & Rack PDUs from APC by Schneider Electric with new "myNetShelter"

APC myNetShelter

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

APC’s dedicated engineering and manufacturing crew is hard at work delivering customized pre-configured, pre-integrated, or completely new cabinets and Rack PDU designs, all with decreased lead time and cost, and increased reliability and quality with high-end NetShelter SX and APC Rack PDU platforms. So data centers streamline customization and avoid costly, unsafe field modifications.

Fast turn-around and no minimum order quantities on Assemble to Order and Simple Factory Modifications

From customization at its most simple form which is pre-configuration or preintegration of standard cabinet and rack accessories, the myNetShelter Cabinet and Rack PDU configuration process is ironclad.

For cabinets—our offer goes well beyond our standard catalog of individual components. With our NetShelter SX cabinet and assemble to order process thousands of cabinet configurations can be realized with little to no increase in cost or lead time.

From Rack Power Distribution standpoint—simple factory modifications such as input cord mods and chassis color coding limit the need for field modifications and potential safety issues that can result from modifying power related products in the field.

What does all this mean? With ATO and simple factory mods APC can offer customization with no minimum order quantities, competitive pricing model, optimized lead times for special orders, fast turnaround times for standard product modifications, and quick responses from APC’s faithful team.

APC myNetShelter

Completely Customized New Designs for Cabinets & PDUs

Designed to serve enterprise customers ordering in greater volumes APC can offer simple color changes to more complex rack modifications or completely new designs altogether. Whether the application calls for a particular design or dimension, unique thermal ducting, or distinct airflow capabilities, the dedicated APC myNetShelter engineering and manufacturing crew is hard at work delivering these customized co-engineered solutions for your customers.

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Features and Benefits

The service you expect from Schneider:

  • Dedicated engineering team to assist you—from design to delivery
  • Competitive pricing model
  • Optimized lead times for special orders
  • Fast turnaround times for product modifications with ATO and simple factory modifications

A configuration for every job:

  • Pre-configured Cabinets & Simple Modifications to Rack PDUs – On NetShelter SX Cabinets add or replace standard rack components, easily remove side panels, doors, or roofs & on Rack PDUs simply shorten or modify rack PDU input cords, apply color-coded labels for and power cords to easily differentiate loads aiding in reducing human error in the data center related to power distribution
  • Pre-integrated Cabinets with Accessory Mounting/Adjustment – Cabinets can arrive with cable managers or Rack PDUs pre-installed. Mounting rails can be adjusted to suit customer needs when they arrive on-site, saving valuable installation time.
  • Unique Colors Available – Rack PDUs with color-coded labels and power cords easily differentiate loads.
  • New Designs/Dimensions & Unique Colors Available – Height, width, and depth modifications to suit unique specifications and applications. Maintain compatibility with most accessories and components available. Cabinets or individual rack components can be painted to suit end user requirements. Rack PDU outlet changes, input cord length increase, or chassis paint changes.
[PDF] APC White Paper: How to Choose an IT Rack
[PDF] APC White Paper: How to Choose IT Rack Power Distribution

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