Next Generation Metered and Switched Rack Power Distribution Units

APC Next Generation PDUs

Next Generation Metered and Switched Rack Power Distribution Units from APC by Schneider Electric and Graybar will help IT and facilities managers more effectively and productively manage power capacity and functionality for critical network, server and data center equipment. These new Rack PDUs solve rack-level power demands and incorporate new intelligent features like real power measurement and environmental monitoring – all in a space-efficient zero-U form factor – the shallowest depth form factor in the industry.

AP8800 Metered Rack PDUs offer advanced, real-time remote monitoring of connected loads; user-defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures occur, so IT managers can proactively monitor and resolve issues. AP8900 Switched Rack PDUs provide advanced load monitoring combined with remote on/off switching control of individual outlets for power cycling, delayed power sequencing and outlet use management. All Next Generation Rack PDUs include active power metering and remote alarming with volts, amps, real power (kW) and energy (kWh) measurements.

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Features at a Glance

  • Cisco EnergyWise compatible to allow monitoring, control and reporting of energy usage of individual IT devices and optimizing energy consumption
  • LCD display interface, replaceable for future upgrades, offers real-time equipment connectivity and load balancing guidance; optional user-defined temperature and humidity monitoring alarms
  • Quick recovery from locked equipment with power cycle outlets and user-defined outlet groups on one or more Rack PDUs; user-defined outlet power-up sequencing also prevents overloads during start up and recovery (Switched Rack PDUs)
  • Network port sharing allows up to four rack PDUs in a cabinet to share one IP address simplifying access and reducing total node usage across the network.
  • New ultra-low-profile, space-saving hydraulic-magnetic breakers maximize IT equipment space and provide the strongest over-current protection available for high-temperature rack enclosure environments
  • Locking IEC receptacles on Rack PDUs feature exclusive, easy-to-use cord retention that ends the need for bulky cable management brackets. Output jumper cords are available in multiple lengths of two-, four- and six-foot increments, with a wide variety of standard input, output and adapter power cords
  • Network Port Sharing allows users to configure, manage and view the status of up to four Rack PDUs using a single IP address
  • New Metered-by-Outlet Switched Rack PDUs (AP8600) provide real-time remote monitoring and on/off control of each individual outlet