Future-Proof Your Data Center Fiber Network

Optimize your network cabling for inevitable growth with the Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System, the ideal solution for simplifying the migration path to higher-speed Ethernet networks.

Leviton Opt-X Unity Component

Is your network infrastructure prepared for the future? Create a simple, cost-effective migration path by installing a structured cabling system that can support your future 40/100G networking demands: the Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System from Leviton and Graybar.

Opt-X Unity is a modular LOMM MTP system that supports 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G fiber optic networks. Components include trunks, harnesses, array cords, modules and adapter plates – everything you need to assure the future growth of your data center:

  • One simple, modular connectivity solution for legacy 1G and 10G applications that is also compliant to 40G and 100G over 12- or 24-fiber MTP cabling
  • One standardized connector theme able to support future high-bandwidth applications
  • Pre-connectorized components compliant toall current and anticipated industry standards
Leviton Opt-X Unity Component

The system's pre-terminated solutions reduce installation time by up to 75 percent and provide "out-of-the-box" dependability: trunks, harnesses and array cords are 100 percent factory-tested, with test results included for each assembly. Using 24-fiber cabling, Opt-X Unity simplifies migration and reduces costs for both components and installation. In addition, higher density connectivity leaves more rack space for active equipment. And fewer trunks reduce cable congestion throughout the data center.

Other notable Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System features include:

  • Backwards compatible with existing Gigabit or 10G networks
  • The module and assemblies can be built to customer specifications through Leviton's make-to-order (MTO) program
  • Meets IEEE 802.3ba requirements and new 100GBASE-SR10 and 40GBASE-SR4 equipment requirements
  • Color-coded boots for easy identification.

You can be sure within a few short years higher-speed Ethernet will be common in data centers across all types of organizations. Now is the time to install the Opt-X® Unity 24-fiber MTP System, the industry's first 24-fiber 40/100G system, to future-proof your network, lower your cost of ownership and maximize your return on investment. Your Graybar representative has all the details.

Are you Ready for 40G and 100G? 12- vs. 24-fiber MTP® cabling for higher-speed Ethernet white paper.

Planning for migration to higher-speed Ethernet can feel daunting. The standards for 40G and 100G are significantly different from previous generations; active equipment and how information is transmitted are unique. Even polarity takes on a new importance. The following sections explain these differences and will help you understand the options for 40/100G migration.


Opt-X® Unity 24-Fiber MTP System


Leviton Opt-X Comparison chart