Hubbell iStation HDMI High-Definition 110 Video Extender

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Hubbell Premise Wiring

Hubbell Premise Wiring introduces the Hubbell iStation HDMI High-Definition 110 Video Extender for transmitting 1080p signals over two solid unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cables, allowing today’s video display devices to be located up to 150 ft. from a digital source.

Ideal for projectors, smartboards, HDTVs, flat screens, digital signage, monitors and other video display devices, the iStation HDMI High-Definition 110 Video Extender allows the 1080p signal to be transmitted from the source up to 150 ft. (45m) over two Category 6A cables, up to 130 ft. (40m) over two Category 6 cables, or up to 115 ft. (35m) over two Category 5e Cables. Contact your Graybar representative for all the details!

Features at a Glance

Cost Savings and Flexibility

  • Utilizes UTP cabling (cable is already on site)
  • Customize lengths on site (no preordering cable assemblies)
  • Cable type (plenum/non-plenum)
  • Integrates into all Hubbell workstation and delivery products


  • UTP cable fits down 3/4 in. conduit
  • Easy installation for new and retrofit construction

Typical Applications

  • Projectors
  • Smart/white boards
  • Monitors
  • Digital signage
  • Video display devices
Description DC Installation Decorator Module
110 UTP HDMI extender (pair) 5 Volt 2 4-pair ISFH110xx IMH110ST2XX

xx = Color: BK (Black), EI (Electric Ivory), GY (Gray), OW (Office White), and W (White)