Revolutionary Patching System Saves Time, Space and Money

The revolutionary SYSTIMAX® VisiPatch® 360 System offers reverse patching, wall- or rack-mount solutions and increased density vs. traditional RJ-45 patch panels...and delivers an ergonomically designed, aesthetically pleasing solution to patch cord management.

SYSTIMAX VisiPatch 360 System

The SYSTIMAX® VisiPatch® 360 System from CommScope and Graybar presents a whole new approach to network infrastructure solutions. The VisiPatch 360 System integrates voice and data networks, improves space and density and provides the convenient patch cord management you've been seeking.

The key to the efficient design and elegant appearance of the VisiPatch 360 System is its innovative cable management system that fully integrates robust vertical and horizontal spaces to increase ease of use. The system's unique reverse patching technology reduces the "spaghetti" cord clutter of poorly installed RJ-45 systems. By projecting the cord away from the user and into the patching field, the VisiPatch 360 System makes the patch cord plug-end more accessible, provides clear and easy-to-read port labeling and facilitates future moves, adds and changes. Your communications room will take on a more organized and impressive appearance.

The VisiPatch 360 System also maximizes usable density. Patch cord and cable congestion in traditional RJ-45 systems cause usable density to be lower than the actual port density. But the VisiPatch 360 System minimizes patch cord and cable congestion, resulting in 20 percent lower equipment cost per port compared to traditional RJ-45 patch panels. In addition, the VisiPatch 360 System makes possible the first real, cost-effective IDC-based 10G components and channel.

The modular, scalable design of the VisiPatch 360 System accommodates small and large installations. Choose wall-mount or rack-mount and cabinet installations; an optional double-sided rack installation is available for even more capacity. An attractive brushed aluminum door provides a contemporary finish.

Find out more about how you can benefit from the innovative new generation of patching systems – the VisiPatch 360 System. Contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

SYSTIMAX VisiPatch 360 System Solution Guide
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[PDF] Case Study: CommScope Sunshine Hospital
SYSTIMAX VisiPatch 360 System

From body scanners to building control, the VisiPatch 360 System delivers fast, reliable connectivity

Western Health is the major provider of acute health services in western metropolitan Melbourne. It employs 5,000 staff on three campuses and serves a local population of nearly 700,000 that is increasing at 4 percent annually. To meet growing demand, Western Health is constructing two new buildings on its Sunshine Hospital campus – a Radio therapy building and a Teaching, Training and Research facility.

The original network plan called for separate connectivity to support voice, data, security, CCTV, building management systems and nurse call systems. However, the team at Lanec, a Melbourne-based CommScope Prestige Business Partner, proposed using CommScope's SYSTIMAX structured cabling solutions to build a single infrastructure able to serve all the systems, avoiding the cost and complexity of many separate cabling installations.

The network designed by Lanec has consolidation points in all work areas connected to communications rooms via SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D cabling. These have 20 percent redundant connections so new information outlets can be added to the network very quickly. Five communications rooms in the training building and one in the radiography facility are equipped with ergonomically advanced SYSTIMAX VisiPatch 360 patch panels. By avoiding the patch cord spaghetti that clutters traditional panels, the VisiPatch design makes moving patch cords quicker and minimizes the risk of errors. VisiPatch 360 panels are also used at the consolidations points.

The integrated SYSTIMAX infrastructure is certified by CommScope to deliver the specified performance from end to end. Because of the network design and compatibility of SYSTIMAX solutions, the costs of extending the network will be significantly reduced.

Reginald Evans, Regional Sales Director South Pacific, CommScope Enterprise Solutions, says: "This is an example of how the exceptional performance of our solutions and our business partners combine to deliver an outstanding result for the customer. Sunshine Hospital can rely on its network to meet all its needs, and minimize running costs, for many years into the future."