Quick Plug-and-Play Server Installations Save Time, Space and Costs

The InstaPATCH® ZERO pre-terminated server cabinet solution offers quick plug-and-play server installations for minimum downtime, maximum security and limited changes to the permanent infrastructure in a data center.

CommScope InstaPATCH cables

As today's data centers face rapid growth and rising costs, it’s imperative that they maximize space, power and cooling through higher density server deployments. Now you can manage larger bundles of cabling within the server cabinet and prepare for the future, with InstaPATCH® ZERO from CommScope and Graybar. This revolutionary solution offers rapid server installation, high performance and change management for data centers that require high density, modular, scalable and deterministic deployments.

With InstaPATCH ZERO, you’ll save time as modular, factory configured components enable plug-and-play installation. Simply roll it in and plug it in to add server capacity. In addition, you’ll save space as overhead connectivity maximizes available rack space for active equipment, and pre-managed patch cord cassettes keep cord bundles neatly organized and managed, even in high-density installations.

You’ll also save on installation and maintenance costs, because pre-managed cords save labor expense associated with cable management during server deployment, decommissioning and moves, adds and changes. And InstaPATCH ZERO lets you prepare for the future with pre-terminated modularity and segregation of the permanent horizontal link from patch cords that increase deployment efficiency over the life of your data center.

InstaPATCH ZERO consists of three major assemblies: A server cabinet with integrated cord cassettes, additional cord cassette for future growth and an overhead mini-rack.

The four-step installation process could not be easier:

Step 1: Install overhead mini-rack, patch panels and permanent horizontal links.
Step 2: Roll in the pre-terminated server cabinet integrated with cord cassettes.
Step 3: Connect the cassette trunks to the overhead patch panels.
Step 4: Extend the built-in patch cords and plug them into servers.

CommScope InstaPATCH cabinet rack

As your data center's needs change, it's easy to add server capacity. Just slide additional cord cassettes into the cabinet, connect the cassette trunks to the overhead patch panels and extend the cords to your servers. If you need to upgrade or refresh servers with virtually no downtime, you can quickly decommission and replace the cabinet without disrupting the permanent, horizontal link.

Check out these important features and benefits of the InstaPATCH ZERO solution:

  • Pre-configured server cabinet cabling allows for quick plug-and-play server installations
  • Available in standard 2-, 4- and 6-cord cassette configurations, with or without multimode fiber; other configurations may be available on a special order basis
  • Provides built-in patch cord management, improving air flow and reducing patch cable inventory issues
  • Allows for rapid deployment of server cabinets and connections
  • InstaPATCH ZERO cabling solutions leverage industry leading SYSTIMAX Solutions products, including:
    • GigaSPEED® X10D U/UTP Category 6A
    • GigaSPEED XL U/UTP Category 6
    • InstaPATCH 360 Pre-terminated Fiber Solutions with LazrSPEED OM4 Fiber
  • Up to 72 U/UTP connections per cabinet – available in a variety of colors
  • Up to 72 LC duplex port server side connections per cabinet (144 OM4 fiber strands)
  • Use of MPO connectors for fiber on the infrastructure side allows for quick and easy fiber connectivity
  • Eliminates need to stock server patch cords
  • Provides custom length patching for U/UTP cords (extend as needed)
  • Organizes server patching while preserving maximum air flow behind servers
  • 20-year Extended Product Warranty
  • ETL Certified InstaPATCH ZERO cord cassette

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