AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester Can Aid Law Enforcement in Combating Illegal Internet Use

Know before you go

When tracking a suspect for illegal internet activity, law enforcement needs to quickly determine if a wireless network at a suspect location is OPEN or secured before entering.

The AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester can help you:

  • Detect if the wireless network inside the suspect residence is OPEN or secured
  • Track down suspects using OPEN wireless networks

Its intuitive design makes it simple for anyone to quickly master AirCheck. Instant power-up and streamlined tests give answers in seconds so you can quickly serve your search warrant.

"Combating the growing threat of child pornography on the internet is a nationwide priority. AirCheck is a simple, elegant, and easy to use tool that aids in locating suspects on wireless networks."
- Sgt. Dave Mathers, Head of the Electronic Crimes Unit, Martinez California Police Department