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Graybar SmartStock® Vending is designed to assist with the management and accountability of your materials. Through streamlined purchasing and convenient point-of-use access to materials/equipment, SmartStock Vending has the tools your team needs for overall safety and efficiency on the jobsite.

All of our vending solutions connect to Graybar’s computer inventory software system, allowing us to efficiently replenish and handle the ordering, delivering and billing of materials—reducing your time and involvement in the process.

Vending solutions have been proven to increase productivity in the workplace, while reducing use and expenses by 20-30%.


For managing multiple levels of control in a small, simple-to-use and expandable solution, SmartDrawer provides single-item dispense and return, or part number level control for higher-density management.

  • Easy User Interface: Pick-to-light with simple searching and item selection
  • Quick Pick Transactions: Lid level picking with tailored business rules such as take and return, check-in/check-out, take only, lockdown, etc.
  • Full Usage Audit Trails: See the item, who used it, where it was used
  • Choose access control: By individual item or part number level
  • Mix and match: Add devices or mix Graybar SmartStock Vending devices

For managing consumable and returnable tools, supplies and other assets, SupplyLocker allows check-in and check-out of materials and parts-specific control by user profile in an industrialized locker device. Call Graybar or fill out the form below for more information.

  • Tool and gauge calibration
  • Certification standards
  • Lock down requirements
  • Loan periods
  • "One-for-One" exchanges
  • Easy-to-add auxiliary units or mix with other Graybar SmartStock® Vending devices

For reliable high-volume dispensing year-after-year designed for a wide range of industrial tools and supplies. SupplyBay provides you with absolute control of your materials in a rugged solution that is simple to use and cost effective.

  • Large dispensing door
  • Available with solid or clear door
  • Patented multiple motor rotation for large items
  • Easy to add-on auxiliary units or mix with other Graybar SmartStock Vending devices
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