What's New

  • How to Build a Data Center Aisle Containment without Replacing Cabinets

    Research suggests that most data centers use an average of four times the power for cooling than the IT load requires. With power requirements only going up; by some estimates, 30 to 50 percent of data centers will run out of power and cooling within the next year. Learn how to make the most of the power already being supplied to your data center with solutions that optimize airflow, reduce operating costs and eliminate the need to purchase additional CRAC units.


  • T8 Before It's Too Late

    Federal legislation effective July 14, 2014, ends the manufacturing of T8 linear fluorescent lamps. But your chance to capitalize on remaining inventory is just beginning! There are attractive T8 options to consider, but you need to act fast while supplies last.

  • General Cable: EfficienC Max line of GenSPEED

    Designed specifically to meet the ever-increasing Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards as well as non-standard high-powered applications, the new EfficienC Max line from General Cable provides industry-leading performance with Category 6 and Category 6A 10 Gig versions. Read more.


  • General Cable's GenSPEED Thin Profile 10 MTP Category 6A Cable: Reduced Diameter, Enhanced Performance

    Since most unshielded cables don’t make the cut, your customers may choose to upgrade to a shielded solution, which can sink a project’s budget. Or you could install General Cable’s GenSPEED® Thin Profile 10 MTP™ Category 6A Cable—the unshielded cable that performs like a shielded cable but does not require grounding. Read more.


  • Graybar Provides Turnkey Lighting and Security Solutions for Union Facility

    To improve the aesthetics of their banquet hall and bring additional revenue and cost savings, Local 150 upgraded its lighting system. The new 42-watt can lights bring more control and flexibility to the banquet hall, while the 2x4 LEDs provide a brighter lighting experience with an upgraded quality of light output.


  • Data Logger Monitoring System by Sensor Switch

    The Data Logger Monitoring System is a tool developed by Sensor Switch® to enable performance contractors, lighting retrofitters and facility managers to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) and payback from an occupancy sensor project. Read more.


  • Acuity Brands Wireless Lighting Controls

    Acuity Controls introduces the new wireless occupancy sensor and switch that are simple to install for significant energy savings! Using RDT™ Wireless technology, these Sensor Switch® sensors communicate with compatible electronic switches to turn lighting loads off once a space becomes vacant. Read more.


  • Custom Make-to-Order Program

    For electrical contractors and installers, extra time and labor means higher costs. No job or network need is the same, so why rely on piecemeal, one-size-fits-all solutions? Leviton provides online custom configurators for a variety of fiber and copper connectivity, or power distribution (PDU) products. This translates into a unique solution that fits your exact needs for each network—quickly and easily.


  • Acuity Visual Lighting Software

    Visual is a sophisticated suite of lighting software solutions designed for interior and exterior applications that combines lighting and energy calculation tools with powerful 3D modeling software. Learn more.


  • Panduit's LS8EQ

    Panduit’s PanTher™ LS8E and LS8EQ Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printers produce high-quality, industrial labels on a wide variety of label materials for electrical and network applications such as wire/cable, components, safety and facility identification. Learn more.