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  • Acuity Controls Visible Light Programming App

    Acuity Controls​ photocontrol sensors are now even easier to calibrate with the new Visual Light Programming (VLP) sensor option and your smartphone. Using VLP enabled sensors with the new Acuity VLP App aids in complying with ASHRAE and other local code requirements for photocontrol sensor programming. Learn more.


  • Sensor Switch WSX D 0-10V Dimmer and Occupancy Sensor

    Acuity Controls​ introduces the new WSX D to the Sensor Switch® product family. This elegant wall switch combines 0-10V dimming, dual technology occupancy sensing and automatic dimming photocontrol capabilities into a single device. The WSX D aids in the compliance of national and local state energy codes with a stylish,​ cost-effective solution. The WSX D can now do what used to take three devices to accomplish. Learn more.


  • BLT Series Low-Profile LED Troffer

    The BLT Series from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting® is your best-in-value ambient lighting solution for commercial projects. This luminaire features the popular center-basket design, volumetric distribution and an extensive selection of options and configurations. Read more.


  • Acuity Brands Sensor Switch Wireless Occupancy sensors

    Sensor Switch Wireless Occupancy sensors are available with Microphonics dual technology so you don't have to compromise performance for convenient installation. Sensors are also available in small motion standard range and large motion extended range digital PIR motion detection. Read more.


  • DMW2 LED from Lithonia Lighting

    The DMW2 LED from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is the first enclosed and gasketed luminaire to be built around LEDs, rather than the traditional 4-foot lamp. By stepping out of the industry's cookie-cutter mold, Lithonia offers a unique solution and maximizes the benefits of LED technology. Read more.


  • Lithonia Lighting TWH-LED and TWP-LED Upgrade with DLC

    Due to the creation of a new "Specialty" DLC category, the TWH-LED and TWP-LED are now DLC qualified and will be eligible for utility rebates. Learn more.


  • What You Haven’t Heard About LED Upgrades – But Should!

    When considering a lighting upgrade to LED, the brochure makes it all look so easy. The reality is there's a lot more to consider than you may realize. Graybar and special guest presenter Shelli Sedlak, Senior Lighting Specialist at the prestigious GE Nela Park Lighting Institute, conduct a lively discussion on important but often overlooked considerations regarding lighting upgrades. Watch the replay now.


  • For High-Performance, Facility-Wide Lighting Management: Acuity Controls XPoint Wireless

    From LED lighting to daylight harvesting, smart lighting has taken the world by storm. But each application has its own unique lighting needs. And, at the end of the day, smart lighting is only as smart as its controls. With easy installation and superior lighting management, performance, and monitoring, XPoint Wireless puts you in the driver’s seat. Read more.


  • OLWX2 LED Low Profile Wall Pack by Lithonia Lighting

    As versatile as it is efficient, the OLWX2 from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is designed to replace up to 400-watt metal halide while saving more than 81 percent in energy costs. Read more.


  • Transform Any Fixture Into A Wireless, Intelligent Luminaire: PowPak Wireless Fixture Control

    For cubicle-dwelling office folk, poor lighting has two speeds only: dim and shadowy or brighter than the surface of the sun. There’s a better way: The PowPak Wireless Fixture Control from Lutron allows occupants to adjust individual lighting to suit the task at hand, whether it’s slogging through emails or playing Minesweeper. For electrical contractors, installation’s as easy as 1-2-3. Read more.


Data Communications

Data Communications Blog
  • What is HDBaseT?

    What is HDBaseT and what are the benefits of HDBaseT Technology? It's more than just video and audio. Read more.


  • The Secret to Staying Ahead of Technology Change: Viavi

    With technical mastery in networking and deep knowledge of what it takes to deliver leading-edge communications and IT services, Viavi Solutions makes it easier to stay ahead of the accelerating pace of technology change, compete more effectively in the market, and deliver greater value to your customers. Learn more.


  • Headline News for December 2015

    A collection of articles from around the web.


  • Addressing Power Challenges at the IT Network Edge

    Emerson Network Power delivers powerful innovative solutions that are rapidly deployable and optimized to provide resilient, intelligent, cost effective and efficient performance to make your IT infrastructure as dynamic as your business. Watch video.


  • Emerson SmartCabinet: Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure in an Enclosure

    SmartCabinet™ from Emerson Network Power is a new approach to providing a complete IT infrastructure solution that contains power, thermal management, enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure management all in a simple packaged solution. Read more.


  • Headline News for November 2015

    A collection of articles from around the web.


  • Best Practices for Deploying and Maintaining Distributed IT Infrastructure

    Reliance on connectivity and technology close to the user, at distributed locations with no on-site IT expertise and limited physical security, is pressuring budgets and SLAs while increasing risk of a security breach. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to better manage cost and risk at the edge of the network. Learn how to improve speed of IT deployment, increase application availability, lower service costs and harden security in remote computer locations.


  • DC Resistance Unbalance Testing: Easy, Low-Cost Insurance for Your PoE Systems

    Originally ratified by IEEE in 1999 and 2003 respectively, gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) and power over Ethernet (PoE) are network technologies that today are considered the norm. With both technologies supported by an estimated 85 percent of the installed cabling base, they have proliferated to the point where the many enterprise entities are deploying, or planning to deploy, gigabit Ethernet in the horizontal LAN environment and more PoE devices than ever. Read more.


  • Headline News for October 2015

    A collection of articles from around the web.


  • Advantages of Cloud-Based Testing in the Datacom World

    Datacom installers certify cabling systems for many reasons: To support manufacturer warranty requirements, meet customer qualifications, or just to ensure quality workmanship. Managing the certification job efficiently is critical to the quality and timely completion of the job. In this Fluke Networks webinar, learn how cloud-based products can eliminate errors and rework, reduce time required to complete the job, and ensure all testing is done as per specification.


What's New

What's New Blog
  • Public Safety, America's Lifeline

    Public-safety communications has evolved out of necessity and in line with technological advancements. Throughout this evolution, there have been many imperatives. Over time, through these imperatives communications have advanced to produce safer environments to work, live and play. With FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) on the horizon and alignment of wireless broadband technologies with current imperatives, how did we get where we are today? How did technology play a role? How did stakeholders make it happen? This informative presentation will provide the answers and guide you on how to prepare your facility for the future of public safety. Sign up for the webinar.


  • What is HDBaseT?

    What is HDBaseT and what are the benefits of HDBaseT Technology? It's more than just video and audio. Read more.


  • Graybar Helps Integrated Health Care Organization Achieve Innovation Credit

    The customized recycling program helped a leading biomedical research organization significantly reduce their carbon footprint and divert more than 3,457 pounds and more than 545 cubic feet of waste from landfills. The project was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council Innovation Credit for waste and delivery vehicle minimization as well as LEED Silver Certification.


  • Your Top 3 Warehouse Resolutions and Why You Will Fail to Keep Them

    With ever-competing priorities, how do you accomplish your most pressing goals for the New Year; more profitability, less downtime, and higher quality operations? Are you constantly being pushed to improve all of these simultaneously? Fear not! There may be a single solution right above your head that could help you accomplish your goals. Please join Acuity Brands for a presentation to look at how intelligent lighting solutions can help you keep your resolutions. Sign up for the webinar.


  • Zhone FTTx GPON and Active Ethernet Products

    With bandwidth challenges on the rise and the continual cost to keep up with these demands, service providers are looking for ways to future proof and increase their revenue generating opportunities. Zhone offers the most robust and scalable solution for service providers looking to offer either GPON or active Ethernet to their customers. Whether you're looking to serve just 64 customers or 1,000 customers, the Zhone MKK solution is the most scalable, robust and cost effective when it comes to providing Gigabit fiber services.


  • Extended Customer Service Hours

    Now, you can get immediate support outside your local branch hours. Just call your local branch or 1-800-GRAYBAR during the extended hours to speak to a National Customer Service Representative.

  • 6 Basics of AV with HDBaseT over Category Cable

    High Definition Video is prevalent in our everyday lives. From the board room to the classroom, the sports bar to the sports stadium, the demand for dynamic audio-visual content is rapidly increasing. Traditional methods of transporting content to displays are a thing of the past. This presentation from Leviton Network Solutions explores technologies and methods for connecting A/V sources to HD displays using twisted pair cabling and provides guidance for becoming IT and AV experts.


  • Acuity Controls Visible Light Programming App

    Acuity Controls​ photocontrol sensors are now even easier to calibrate with the new Visual Light Programming (VLP) sensor option and your smartphone. Using VLP enabled sensors with the new Acuity VLP App aids in complying with ASHRAE and other local code requirements for photocontrol sensor programming. Learn more.


  • Graybar Upgrades Parking Lot Lighting at Corporate Facility

    The new LED fixtures are projected to reduce annual energy consumption by 31,556 kilowatt hours. The McGraw-Edison LED fixtures are expected to last 10 years with little or no maintenance required, resulting in an estimated $15,000 in maintenance savings over that period of time.


  • New CAT6 Protectors from Circa Telecom, Now in Stock!

    These solid state devices from Circa Telecom are designed to protect High-Speed 4 Pair CAT6 outside plant cables at speeds of up to 10 gigabit at 250 MHz and clamping speeds of 1-5 nanoseconds. Read more.