• Our Long-Term Commitment: Corporate Social Responsibility

    Graybar has a longstanding commitment to preserving our environment, caring for our communities and working to the advantage of our employees. We now have a new way to tell this story by publishing our Corporate Social Responsibility website which highlights the many ways we work to improve sustainability, provide opportunities for our employees and give back to our communities. Learn more.


  • Graybar Cable Protection Catalog Now Available

    Checkers offers the most extensive line of high performance cable/hose protection products in the world. These durable cable protection systems provide a safer method of passage for pedestrian traffic, vehicles and heavy duty equipment while protecting valuable electrical cables, cords and hose lines from damage. Learn more.


  • Lithonia Lighting: JHBL LED High Bay

    The JHBL LED high bay from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is designed for the most challenging spaces: machining, manufacturing, automotive, cold storage, natatoriums and so much more. This one-for-one replacement of traditional HID and fluorescent high bay systems features LED technology that provides 90 percent light output at 60,000 hours of normal operation. Learn more.


  • High Density Outlet Technology - Only From Server Technology

    There is a significant trend in data centers for more outlets in a smaller space, driven by data centers being short on real estate, growing rack heights and proliferation of 1U equipment. Server Technology has designed its own unique style of IEC standard C13 and C19 outlets, which allows PDUs to be built with the maximum possible outlet density. Learn more.


  • Announcing the New Fluke "Expert Series" Infrared Cameras

    Announcing the new Fluke "Expert Series" including the TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640 Infrared Cameras. See what you're missing with Fluke’s new 1024 x 768 and 640 x 480 resolution infrared cameras. No details are overlooked with premium image quality that takes the guessing out of your inspection and analysis. Learn more.


  • XPoint Wireless Powered by Adura

    Fixture-embedded occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and switching allow users to easily rezone and recalibrate light levels according to the changing needs of the space. Read more.


  • Be a Control Freak: Check Your Stairwells for Fast ROI

    One of the things we know from our data studies is that stairwells and corridors are mostly empty and unoccupied but the lights are always on. While working on a lighting project for a large university, we chose the Lithonia Lighting WL solution for the stairwells.


  • Custom Make-to-Order Program

    Build your ideal network with the Custom Make-to-Order Program by Leviton Network Solutions. Customize according to your needs instead of settling for off-the-shelf patch cords, copper trunks, fiber-optic trunks, patch panels and power distribution units.


  • Energy Rebates Made Simple For You and Your Customer

    Join Graybar and GE Lighting as they step through the best practices to help your customers capture their share of the $1.2 billion in available lighting rebates and incentives. This presentation will introduce you to the Graybar PowerSmart Rebate Advantage Tool, a unique database of all available utility rebates and incentives nationwide. We’ll show you the power and accuracy of the tool, as well as its ability to take the hassle out of tracking deadlines, paperwork and processing. Learn how this tool can help you prioritize projects and ultimately win more business.


  • Be a Control Freak: Understanding Wall, Ceiling and Photocell Sensor Solutions

    Over the years, I’m constantly told by facility folks that the sensor project was one of the simplest, fastest, greatest impact and best return on investment projects they’ve done. Learn about sensor projects.