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  • Wireless Impact on Copper Structure Cabling

    Even with the growth of wireless, copper cable still remains a viable solution because of reliability, environmental installation concerns and security concerns when dealing with visitors in your building. With wireless use, you won’t need as much cable, but it’s going to be a different cable than what may be installed right now. Read more.


  • How the Growth of Wireless Affects the Workstation

    If the use of wireless is growing, increasing capabilities while improving bandwidths and speeds, why then is the number of drops not decreasing? We believe the answer is Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE at the workstations is fairly common and the surveyed markets indicate that usage will increase in the next few years. Read more.


  • Getting Up To Speed On Fiber Optic Innovation with CommScope

    Fiber helps make it possible to move incredible amounts of information around the globe at increasingly lower costs. Optical fiber, along with the equipment it interconnects, helps to make bandwidth affordable and accessible. Without fiber optics, the internet as we know it would simply not be possible. Read more.


  • History and Current State of the Copper Category Cable Market

    The structured cable market has gone through tremendous change over the past 20 years. It’s an exciting market with pockets of growth, pockets of decline and new technologies. Read more.


  • Effects of New Technology on Structured Cabling Systems

    In a 2013 survey, General Cable asked “What is your current horizontal (to the workstation) physical infrastructure?” to 200 market fields in construction, installation and maintenance. The majority of responders chose Cat 5, 5E and 6 as their current horizontal physical infrastructure. Read more.


  • The Future of Data Center Cabling

    This webinar from Corning discusses the value of deploying a Base-8 cabling infrastructure in order to support the complete roadmap, including a glimpse at Corning’s EDGE8™ solution.


  • Headline News for August 2015

    A collection of articles from around the web.


  • 40GBASE-T: Strategies for a Simple Network Migration

    The explosion of data traffic has a profound impact on demand for increased bandwidth. To keep pace, an Ethernet migration plan is quickly becoming a matter of survival. Data centers are moving to 10G and 40G Ethernet links as the data center network connections of choice. Join Leviton Network Solutions for an informative webinar outlining the best strategies for moving from 1G to 40G using category-rated copper networks.


  • Reducing Cost of Ownership for Surveillance Systems

    Join us for a discussion with Samsung’s surveillance expert, Aaron M Saks, MSIT, on technologies that help reduce hardware cost, simplify installation and reduce total cost of ownership. This presentation will cover ways to increase server capacity, maintain image quality and enhance your overall surveillance experience.


  • Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers

    In this presentation, APC by Schneider Electric will discuss how a prefabricated data center enables data center managers to maximize the speed of business through rapid installation, easy expansion and improved cash management. We’ll also explore real-life case studies and best practices for planning and designing your project.


What's New

What's New Blog
  • Advantages of Cloud-Based Testing in the Datacom World

    Datacom installers certify cabling systems for many reasons: To support manufacturer warranty requirements, meet customer qualifications, or just to ensure quality workmanship. Managing the certification job efficiently is critical to the quality and timely completion of the job. In this Fluke Networks webinar, learn how cloud-based products can eliminate errors and rework, reduce time required to complete the job, and ensure all testing is done as per specification. Sign up for the webinar.


  • Class 1, Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Flashlights from Rayovac

    Rayovac presents their new Class 1, Division 1 flashlights, which can be used in mining, oil and gas and manufacturing in any situation that requires an explosion-proof flashlight. Download the PDF.


  • New Products from Klein Tools

    What's new with Klein Tools? Check out the wide array of new products​.


  • OCAL-BLUE Double-Coat UL Listed Type 4X Form 8 Conduit Bodies

    For the conduit system that has to stand up to a corrosive environment, the OCAL-BLUE® Type 4X Form 8 conduit body meets the challenge. The key is in the cover. Thomas & Betts takes a cast cover and then injection molds an Ocal® PVC coating around it with an integral O-ring seal.


  • What You Haven’t Heard About LED Upgrades – But Should!

    When considering a lighting upgrade to LED, the brochure makes it all look so easy. The reality is there's a lot more to consider than you may realize. Graybar and special guest presenter Shelli Sedlak, Senior Lighting Specialist at the prestigious GE Nela Park Lighting Institute, conduct a lively discussion on important but often overlooked considerations regarding lighting upgrades. Watch the replay now.


  • Graybar Now Selling Festo Industrial Products

    Graybar has recently signed a national distribution agreement with Festo, a leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for process control and factory automation solutions.


  • For High-Performance, Facility-Wide Lighting Management: Acuity Controls XPoint Wireless

    From LED lighting to daylight harvesting, smart lighting has taken the world by storm. But each application has its own unique lighting needs. And, at the end of the day, smart lighting is only as smart as its controls. With easy installation and superior lighting management, performance, and monitoring, XPoint Wireless puts you in the driver’s seat. Read more.


  • Hoffman PROLINE Refresh

    Designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment in industrial, networking and telecommunications applications from dirt, dust, moisture, oil and other contaminants. Read more.


  • Mix and Match Fiber and Copper UTP with Leviton’s e2XHD Patching System

    The Leviton e2XHD Fiber and Copper Patching System is an easy-to-connect, high-density solution for enterprise and data center applications. Read more.


  • The Future of Data Center Cabling

    This webinar from Corning discusses the value of deploying a Base-8 cabling infrastructure in order to support the complete roadmap, including a glimpse at Corning’s EDGE8™ solution.