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  • How Solar Works

    There are four basic components of a simple grid-tied solar array. The first component is the solar panel itself. Panels are usually wired through a combiner box and that wiring is then sent down to an inverter. The panels are held in place by racking. Read more.


  • Solar Energy and Storage

    While the prospect of selling excess back to the grid is attractive in theory, it basically limits the way an array is utilized since in a purely grid-tied situation, when the grid goes down, the solar array stops producing. Read more.


  • 10 Fun Facts about Solar Energy

    When we all talk about solar energy as a solid renewable energy solution, we quote a lot of figures, a lot of specifications and a ton of data. Here’s some non- technical interesting and fun facts about solar energy that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. Read more.


  • The Import Tariff and the U.S. Solar Industry

    For quite some time now, we’ve heard talk about the upcoming import tariff on Chinese-made solar panels being the “right thing” to do to support the U.S. job market. While in theory the ideal of limiting any product that floods the U.S. market taking away manufacturing jobs from U.S. companies is generally sound, this particular line of thinking doesn’t hold muster when applied to the U.S. solar industry. Read more.


  • A New Road for Solar

    There are those that think within the box, those that think outside the box and those that choose to throw the box away entirely. Such is the case with some recent conceptual thinking utilizing solar. Read more.


  • The United States and the Solar Industry

    2013 was another record year for the U.S. Solar Industry. There were 4,751 MW of new photovoltaic capacity installed ins 2013, representing a 41 percent increase in deployments over installation levels in 2012. Read more.


  • Solar Power and the Workforce

    When you talk to most people about the Solar Industry and the impact it has on America, you’ll probably get answers spanning the gamut from end user offsets of grid power to White House initiatives for Solar Energy. What you probably won’t hear is the effect that the solar industry has on the workforce in America. Read more.


  • Public Energy Policy Sets the Stage

    The three necessary components for renewable energy success, innovative technology, reliable financial tools and sound public policy, have been written about quite a bit by me and others. Technological innovation continues, adhering nicely to Moore’s Law, and better financial tools are providing new ways to pay for projects and capitalize companies. Today, let’s look at a public policy success, or at least what appears to be a success. Read more.


  • Energy Storage: The Next Big Deal Part 2

    We recently looked at advances in energy storage technology which are approaching commercialization, moving from the lab to the marketplace. These developments are accelerating the adoption of storage for electricity produced using variable renewable sources, a long-sought-after grail in renewable energy. Now let’s look at some policy and market trends that are also helping catalyze that commercialization. Read more.


  • Energy Storage: The Next Big Deal

    The most exciting segment of the renewable energy industry in early 2014 is energy storage. Technological advances, driven by market demand and catalyzed by public policy, are poised to bring an array of better, cheaper energy storage solutions very soon. There are indicators all around that we are at a tipping point in energy storage. Read more.


What's New

What's New Blog
  • 5 Myths of Electrical Design in Hazardous Locations

    When it comes to electrical design in hazardous locations, there are a lot of opinions on the best approach. From explosion-proof to intrinsically safe designs, the choices can be daunting. Join Hoffman and Graybar as we dispel some common misconceptions to help you choose the best solution to reduce cost and complexity and improve speed of deployment. If you are looking to save money and design time on electrical controls panels, this is a must-see presentation. Sign up for the webinar.


  • The Scalable, Easy-Install Solution For Mission-Critical Networks: Atlas-X1 Connector From Leviton

    With easy network installation, industry-leading performance, and total scalability, the Leviton Atlas-X1 UTP Connector was built with you and your customers in mind. Tool-free termination means installers won’t spend hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. The Atlas-X1 is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T, and delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability. That means fast deployment and exceptional versatility. Read more.


  • Transform Any Fixture Into A Wireless, Intelligent Luminaire: PowPak Wireless Fixture Control

    For cubicle-dwelling office folk, poor lighting has two speeds only: dim and shadowy or brighter than the surface of the sun. There’s a better way: The PowPak Wireless Fixture Control from Lutron allows occupants to adjust individual lighting to suit the task at hand, whether it’s slogging through emails or playing Minesweeper. For electrical contractors, installation’s as easy as 1-2-3. Read more.


  • For High-Performance, Facility-Wide Lighting Management: Acuity Controls XPoint Wireless

    From LED lighting to daylight harvesting, smart lighting has taken the world by storm. But each application has its own unique lighting needs. And, at the end of the day, smart lighting is only as smart as its controls. With easy installation and superior lighting management, performance, and monitoring, XPoint Wireless puts you in the driver’s seat. Read more.

  • What You Should Know about Grounding and Bonding in Industrial Spaces

    Join Graybar and Panduit to learn the differences between grounding, bonding and earthing to help ensure a safe workplace for your workers and equipment. We also discuss proper grounding techniques according to NEC code and IEEE specs with exothermic and compression connectors.


  • Panduct PanelMax DIN Rail Wiring Duct

    PanelMax™ DIN Rail Wiring Duct from Panduit and Graybar positions DIN rail and components off the panel directly above an integrated wire management channel for a 40%+ smaller footprint to the panel layout. Read more.

  • Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter: The Integrated Sensor Control System From Eaton

    With a sensor system built into every luminaire, the Integrated Sensor Control System is what you’ve come to expect from Eaton. With a single product to mount and one electrical connection to make, Eaton’s Integrated Sensor Control System was built with installers in mind. Read more.


  • Increasing Power Density The Smart Way: Bussmann Series Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP)

    In the data center, higher voltages mean improved power density, better use of space, and lower costs. There’s only one catch: increased risk of fault currents. When more power is delivered with lower impedance, fault currents can be much higher. To protect people and components, circuit protection must be incorporated across systems. That’s where Bussmann Series Low-Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP) comes into play. Learn more.


  • Panduit Panel Payout Promo

    From July 1 through October 31, 2015, earn a free tool or printer with purchases from Graybar. For a limited time, select a free tool or printer when you purchase $750, $2,000, $8,500 or $15,000 from any two qualifying product lines.


  • Performance, Safety & Savings: The EfficienC Max Line of GenSPEED Brand Products from General Cable

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) has evolved from a niche solution to a viable powering option for many applications. Holding its own alongside the evolution of PoE, General Cable’s EfficienC™ Max line of GenSPEED® Brand products power high-wattage applications, both safely and cost-effectively. Ultimate EfficienC is here. Read more.