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  • The Floodlight That Lasts: Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight

    You want a floodlight that’s a “find it and forget about it” type of product - something you can set up and rely on for years. Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight is exactly that, offering maintenance-free performance for up to 15 years. With an efficient design for optimal light distribution, this versatile floodlight is the ideal choice for area, security, and building facade lighting. Count on the Lumark Night Falcon for steady performance. Read more.


  • An Energy Efficient Three-in-One: Sensor Switch WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch

    Constantly changing energy codes can leave you stuck with outdated equipment, requiring a host of switches, sensors, and powerpacks to remain compliant. The WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch by Sensor Switch simplifies your electrical installation by combining dimming, occupancy sensing, and photocontrol features into one efficient device. Save money and stay ahead of changing energy codes with the easy-to-use WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch. Learn more.


  • Acuity's LSXR Fixture Mounted Sensor with Interchangeable Lenses

    Acuity's Line Voltage Fixture Mount Sensor (LSXR) provides passive infrared (PIR) occupancy detection with a radial coverage pattern. Learn more.


  • Sensor Switch Ceiling Mount Sensors

    CM family sensors utilize 100 percent digital Passive Infrared (PIR) detection and are available with several lens options, providing flexibility for multiple mounting height and coverage pattern requirements. Dual technology (PDT) occupancy detection can also be added as an option for applications where occupants are stationary for long periods of time.


  • DMW2 LED from Lithonia Lighting

    How many contractors does it take to install a four-foot fluorescent fixture? Best-case scenario, two or more. That adds up to time and resources diverted away from more fruitful applications. Clunky fluorescents aren’t exactly turning heads these days either. Clearly, standard fluorescent fixtures are much less efficient than their slim-profile, energy-saving LED counterparts. That’s where Lithonia Lighting’s DMW2 LED comes in. Read more.


  • Simple Solutions from Acuity Controls sPODMRD Dimming Switchpod

    The push-down Dimming Switchpod Series of wall stations from Acuity Controls​ interface with standard Sensor Switch product line occupancy sensors to provide simple and cost effective solutions for commercial and residential lighting applications. Read more.


  • Holophane's New Phuzion LED High Bay Replaces 1,000-Watt HID

    The Phuzion PHZL LED high bay from Acuity Brands Holophane​​ is your single LED replacement for up to 1,000-watt HID, delivering consistent light levels well beyond traditional lighting and more light at higher temperatures than other LED high bays. ​​​ Read more.


  • Acuity Controls Visible Light Programming App

    Acuity Controls​ photocontrol sensors are now even easier to calibrate with the new Visual Light Programming (VLP) sensor option and your smartphone. Using VLP enabled sensors with the new Acuity VLP App aids in complying with ASHRAE and other local code requirements for photocontrol sensor programming. Learn more.


  • BLT Series Low-Profile LED Troffer

    The BLT Series from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting® is your best-in-value ambient lighting solution for commercial projects. This luminaire features the popular center-basket design, volumetric distribution and an extensive selection of options and configurations. Read more.


  • Acuity Brands Sensor Switch Wireless Occupancy sensors

    Sensor Switch Wireless Occupancy sensors are available with Microphonics dual technology so you don't have to compromise performance for convenient installation. Sensors are also available in small motion standard range and large motion extended range digital PIR motion detection. Read more.


Data Communications

Data Communications Blog
  • Efficient Data Center Cooling and Climate Management in the Age of the IoT

    With the continuous advancement of cloud computing and the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), modern enterprise data centers are having to push limits to provide uninterrupted service of the highest quality. Data center managers have to be more proactive than ever, restructuring their strategies to allow for greater capacity and expansion across the various areas of IT infrastructure. Read more.


  • The Scalable, Easy-Install Solution For Mission-Critical Networks: Atlas-X1 Connector From Leviton

    With easy network installation, industry-leading performance, and total scalability, the Leviton Atlas-X1 UTP Connector was built with you and your customers in mind. Tool-free termination means installers won’t spend hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. The Atlas-X1 is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T, and delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability. That means fast deployment and exceptional versatility. Read more.


  • Five Reasons Upgrading to Versiv Will Save You Money

    Learn five simple reasons why you should upgrade to Fluke Networks’ Versiv cabling certification system which is designed to save you even more money and to get to systems acceptance faster. Read more.


  • Evolution of In-Building Networks

    Local area networks and in-building wireless needs are evolving. Smarter buildings and demand for data require robust networks. Fiber-based networks provide a unique value proposition by bringing network access and intelligence closer to end-users. Watch this webinar on demand.


  • Trade Up To Bigger Profits

    For a limited time, get up to $4,000 in cash back when you purchase a Versiv Cable Certifier and trade in your old one. Purchase must be made between August 1 and December 23, 2016.


  • [VID] Video: A Great Solution to Extend Video from Hubbell with 110 Everywhere

    Hubbell's 110 Everywhere solution has gone to a 4 pair standard, and on the back of the modules to extend A/V is the 110 connector.


  • [VID] AV Control with 3 Inputs from Leviton Network Solutions

    The Leviton Network Systems expanded ITVA AV Control system has an autoswitching wall plate that allows you to put in three inputs: two HDMI and one VGA, and autoswitch among them.


  • [VID] Corning's New Jumper In A Box Packaging Solution

    As a leader in the fiber optic industry, Corning is all about innovation. A new packaging solution called Jumper in a Box is, literally, jumpers in a box. This product resolves a problem that Corning has received from customer feedback: inventory management and tracking is a nightmare and nothing can shut a project down faster than running out of a simple product.


  • [VID] High Density Network Rack from Eaton

    The new HDNR product from Eaton, the High Density Network Rack, simplifies cable management. With more active equipment in the rack, the more cable management becomes an issue. So, with Eaton's wider vertical cable managers and horizontal managers, you can put up to 1000 cables in each one of the vertical cable managers, so over time, it's a lot easier to manage the equipment.


  • Legrand Fiber-Based Solution to Extend HD Signals Up to 1000 Feet

    The new RapidRun Optical from Quiktron Legrand is a fiber-based solution to extend HD signals up to 1000 feet, that gives you 4k resolution, 3D and best picture at that distance. A typical HDMI cable may be good up to 1080p resolution at 100 feet. So if you're on factory floors or need classroom solutions, this is a great product.


What's New

What's New Blog
  • 3M Product Stop Use and Recall—Replacement Notice

    3M has discontinued sale of the original Lad-Saf sleeve and are voluntarily initiating a full recall of all original Lad-Saf sleeves. If you have an original Lad-Saf sleeve, you may contact 3M to disucss the replacement of your returned units at no cost to you. Please download the Ofifical Product Recall Notice for full details and to check the affected part numbers against your inventory. Learn more about the recall.


  • Fluke Networks IntelliTone Finds the Cables the Others Can't

    Get advanced vision for locating cables more effectively at patch panels, switches, termination blocks or hidden within bundles. IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe finds the cables others can't. IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe is the toner and probe offering digital and analog signaling all in one tool. Learn more.


  • Legrand Q-Series Transceivers: Economy, Performance and Reliability

    The rise in connected devices, richer user content, eCommerce, and cloud computing means an increase in network traffic. Like a key cog in the wheel of the data center machine, the high-speed transceiver supports this traffic at the backbone of the network. Built for today’s data centers, Legrand Q-Series transceivers are competitively priced, 100 percent tested and documented, and support higher bandwidths.


  • Viavi's New FiberChek Probe

    Tthe FiberChek probe completely automates inspection workflow to ensure fast and accurate performance. Whether used as on its own or connected (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB) to other devices, the FiberChek probe is the essential fiber tool for every technician.


  • The Scalable, Easy-Install Solution For Mission-Critical Networks: Atlas-X1 Connector From Leviton

    With easy network installation, industry-leading performance, and total scalability, the Leviton Atlas-X1 UTP Connector was built with you and your customers in mind. Tool-free termination means installers won’t spend hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. The Atlas-X1 is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T, and delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability. That means fast deployment and exceptional versatility. Read more.


  • Expect Exceptional Performance: FuseLite Splice-On Connectors

    For applications where fusion splicing may be preferred, Corning's FuseLite® splice-on connector is the ideal solution. This field termination option offers splice protection with the same high-quality performance that customers have come to expect from Corning, a leader in fiber optic innovation and connectivity solutions.


  • Graybar Brings Great Lighting and Energy Savings to the Raleigh Convention Center

    The Raleigh Convention Center exhibit hall lighting upgrades have helped to significantly reduce energy usage and related maintenance by an estimated 318,230W per day.


  • Accelerate Copper Certification With The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer From Fluke Networks

    Certifying a network infrastructure can be complicated and time-consuming. Luckily, Fluke Networks just stepped up the game. The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ fast-tracks every step of the copper certification process, with the kind of precision you’ve come to expect from Fluke Networks. Now you can meet the latest fiber standards and simplify set-up, reporting, and testing.


  • Aged Infrastructure: Ensuring Yesterday's Solutions Meet Today's Needs

    Many data centers built in the late 90’s and early 2000’s are nearing the end of their service life or perhaps running short on key resources (power/cooling/space). With increased demands placed on the physical infrastructure and continued evolution of technology, owners and operators are faced with significant challenges. Join us for a discussion on strategies to consider that may help manage our aging infrastructure.

  • Graybar Helps Otis Library Turn the Page to LED Lighting

    The Otis Library project was completed in just three months. The library expects an annual energy savings of 105,989 kWh and annual energy cost savings of $18,000, with an annual expected maintenance savings of $2,455. The library also benefitted from more than $43,357 in incentives from the local utility.