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As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centers/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications.

Graybar carries a broad range of Square D products - from circuit breakers to transfomers. Visit Shop Graybar for Square D products.

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  • The Whole House Surge Protection Solution: Square D Home Electronic Protective Device (HEPD80)

    For the whole-home surge protection your residential customers demand, trust HEPD80 from Square D. With the average home containing $15,000 of unprotected personal electronics, home appliances, and electrical equipment, a high surge of power can cause serious damage. On their own, surge-protective panels and power strips aren’t enough to prevent power surges, leaving appliances and electronics vulnerable. Let Square D take it from here.


  • Reliable, Safe & Easy: QO & Homeline Plug-on Neutral Load Centers From Square D by Schneider Electric

    Arc and ground fault hazards lurk in the dark corners of every home. Like superhero and sidekick, the Homeline Plug-on Neutral CAFI Circuit Breaker and Load Center System keeps homes everywhere safe. Plus, electrical contractors will save time on installation, and meet NEC’s arc and ground fault requirements in a single bound. Square D is here to save the day.


  • Meet Title 24 Requirements With Ease: Homeline Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSEDs

    To meet Title 24 requirements, trust Homeline’s Solar-Ready Plug-On Neutral CSEDs. Adhering to electrical code and getting off the job quickly is all in a day’s work. But contractors working in California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, or Seattle must now meet Title 24 requirements to equip homes for new and future solar installation. One step ahead, Schneider designed the first and only solar-ready, plug-on neutral CSED.


  • Save Space and Time with TeSys N Self-Protected Combination Motor Controller From Square D

    On the plant floor, every motor, cog, and turning gear serves a purpose—and there’s no room for error. To keep operations chugging along, electrical contractors and installers need a motor controller that’s durable and easy to install, access, and maintain. With robust performance and an efficient design, the TeSys™ N Self-Protected Combination Motor Controller delivers on all fronts.


  • Minimized Floor Space + Labor Savings = Schneider Electric’s Square D IPC2™ Transformer Combo (IPC2X)

    How would you like electrical equipment to arrive? Piece by piece, or in one neat package? Rising installation and labor costs are real. To deliver on time and on budget, integrated equipment does the job without eating up valuable resources. With Schneider Electric’s Square D IPC2™ Transformer Combo (IPC2X), you’ll minimize floor space, reduce installation costs and labor, and shorten cycle times.


  • Time-saving Square D QO and Homeline Dual-Function Circuit Breakers

    Meeting code requirements is a big part of your job. Square D QO™ and Homeline Dual Function Circuit Breakers from Schneider Electric reduce costs by combining two critical, state-of-the-art technologies—Combination Arc Fault and Class A Ground Fault protection—into one code-compliant, easy-to-install circuit breaker.


  • [VID] Schneider Electric Magelis SCU

    Schneider Electric provides you Magelis SCU, the latest generation of HMI controllers. Now you can drive and monitor all of your machines in a single product while reducing your machine assembly and energy costs.


  • Schneider Electric Square D Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS) Products

    Shrinking electrical room space and compressed installation timelines create unique challenges for electrical contractors and consulting engineers. Square D® Integrated Power and Control Solutions (IPaCS™) products provide a practical solution to these challenges.


  • Square D NQ SurgeLoc SPD Product Launch

    The Square D™ brand Surgelogic™ internal SurgeLoc Surge Protective Device (SPD) delivers specification grade performance for service entrance or critical branch panel applications. Read more.


  • Square D by Schneider Electric I-Line Combo Panelboard

    The Square D I-Line™ Combo Panelboard from Schneider Electric is a simple, innovative product that saves installation time, space and money for electrical contractors. It is especially useful in retrofits or for projects where rooms or floors are being added to existing structures; it fits seamlessly into applications requiring additional lighting circuits, more power, and extra amps without adding space.


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