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For more than 100 years, ERICO has built its reputation by developing and marketing high-quality, innovative products. As a trusted industry leader, our products and services are recognized for providing labor and cost-saving solutions for customers throughout the world. It is our goal to continue to create high-quality, state-of-the-art products, while also providing the unparalleled service our customers have come to expect.

ERICO is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of precision-engineered specialty metal products serving global niche product markets in a diverse range of electrical, construction, utility and rail applications. The company is headquartered in Solon, Ohio, with a network of sales locations serving more than 25 countries and with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.

ERICO's well-known brand names include: CADDY® fixings, fasteners and supports; CADWELD® welded electrical connections; CRITEC® surge protection devices; ERICO® rail bonds and specialty products; ERIFLEX® low-voltage panel components; ERITECH® electrical products; and LENTON® concrete reinforcement.

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  • The Versatile, Easy-to-Adjust Universal Support System: CADDY SPEED LINK SLK System from ERICO

    CADDY® SPEED LINK is a universal support system designed to reduce installation time. A cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded rod, strut, and strut nuts, this innovative solution has the flexibility to meet a variety of support needs.


  • [VID] CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Contractor Testimonial

    Tom Gahagan of JJ White Incorporated discusses his experience using CADDY® ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies for a ten story fit out of a medical research center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Tom discusses how his crew was able to save labor, simplify material management, reduce callbacks, and work more efficiently by wiring from the front or the back of the box.


  • CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Electrical Assemblies

    ERICO provides CADDY ALL-IN-ONE to decrease time and money installing stud-mounted, floor-mounted and between-stud outlet and switch assemblies. It combines the electrical box, support bracket, mud ring, far-side support and ground wire pigtail into one unit – reducing the number of parts, and reducing the installation of electrical assemblies to just two screws right out of the box.



    The innovative CADWELD PLUS System from ERICO is a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections. The system features an integrated welding material package to streamline the installation process and eliminate ignition materials – reducing set-up time.


  • [VID] ERICO CADDY Solutions for the Contractor

    ERICO Regional Sales Manager Barry Gregg demonstrates CADDY's alternative to strut, the All-in-One box system with removable back plate, CADDY Pyramid rooftop solution, ROD LOCK threaded rod beam clamp and telescoping box support.


  • CADDY Telescoping Box Support

    The TSRBS1625 Telescoping Box Support gives electrical and communications data contractors added flexibility and versatility in positioning 4 sq. in. and 4-11/16-in. electrical boxes and mud rings. Its unique, 1-piece break-apart design allows contractors to position the box anywhere inside the opening, and then adjust the box support to fit a variety of stud widths.


  • CADDY ROD LOCK Threaded Rod Mounting System

    Consisting of a beam clamp, and anchor screw and a channel nut with an integrated washer, the CADDY® ROD LOCK Threaded Rod Mounting System eliminates many of the steps needed to create trapeze assemblies. Installers simply push threaded rods into CADDY ROD LOCK beam clamps and channel nuts – there’s no need to spin the rods into traditional clamps, or to spin multiple pairs of hex nuts and washers to secure struts.


  • Connect to ERICO on YouTube

    ERICO is pleased to announce a new YouTube channel, showcasing more than 40 featured products and installation demos.


  • ERITECH Theft Deterrent Ground Assembly

    The ERITECH Theft Deterrent Ground Assembly (TDSGA) by ERICO is a unique and cost-effective alternative to using conventional bus bars in a grounding system.


  • A Better Welded Connection

    The ultimate welded connection that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance just got better. CADWELD® PLUS is the latest advancement in the continuing evolution of ERICO's exothermic products. It is a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections.