Corning LANscape Solutions for Network Applications

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Whether your need is for cabling between buildings, floor-to-floor, single floor or fiber-to-the-desk, we have a LANscape Solution that will allow for easy and cost-effective upgrades, supporting your growing bandwidth requirements for many years to come.

LANscape Pretium™ Solutions for Data Center and Storage Area Networks (SANs)
LANscape Solutions for the Federal Government
LANscape Solutions for Industrial Applications
LANscape Solutions for Intelligent Traffic Solutions
LANscape Solutions for Security Applications

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New LANscape Solutions Product Literature & Resources

Product Literature

Preterminated Optical Fiber Cabling Systems
LANscape Pretium® Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled (EDGE) Solutions
Plug & Play™ AnyLAN™ Systems

Fiber Optic Cables
MIC® DX Armored Plenum Cables, 6-24 Fibers
MIC® DX Armored Riser Cables, 6-24 Fibers

Fiber Optic Connectivity
UniCam® Pretium Performance Connectors
UniCam Pretium Toolkit

Fiber Optic Hardware
Pretium® Connector Housings (PCH-1U, PCH-2U, PCH-4U)
Single-Fiber Port Cleaners
AnyLAN™ Integrated Single-Panel Housing
Pretium Wall-mount Connector and Splice Housings
Pretium Intelligent Manager

Fiber Optic Test Equipment
OV-Mini Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTS-600 Series Optical Sources, Meters, Testers and Kits with Data Storage Capabilities

Fiber Optic Splice Equipment
OptiSplice™ One Handheld Fusion Splicer
OptiSplice® Ribbon Handheld Fusion Splicer
OptiSplice® M90e Fusion Splicer
OptiSplice® CDS Fusion Splicer

Cable Assemblies
Pretium® Low-Loss OM3 Zipcord Jumpers with Ultra-Bendable Performance


10G Connectivity Resource Center
UniCam® Connector Resources
Fusion Splicing Resource Center
Test Equipment Resource Center