Graybar and Corning Optical Communications

Leadership through Innovation

Corning's experience, rich in cutting-edge fiber optic innovations, is world-renowned. Corning Optical Communications offers the broadest range of tip-to-tip fiber optic and copper product solutions for major telephone companies, CATV providers, long distance providers and enterprise networks throughout the world. Our comprehensive solutions include network design, project management, installation and maintenance, equipment rental and training programs.

Corning Optical Communications LANscape® Solutions is a complete offering of products, services and support to make your fiber optic cabling needs a breeze. With all the challenges of building and maintaining an information infrastructure today, allow Corning Optical Communications to help you make fiber cabling easy.


  • Finding a Cure for Your Network Capacity Pain

    Hospital Data. WiFi. Cellular Connectivity. You might be surprised to learn a single cabling infrastructure can serve all three. But there are things you should consider before committing to your next cabling project. This webinar explores the stressors and demands of existing copper cabling infrastructure in healthcare facilities and the benefits of converged networks for high bandwidth communication networks. We’ll also share the CapEx and OpEx benefits of a single system. Sign up for the webinar.


  • The Intuitive, Easy-Install Connectors: UniCam Fiber Optic Connectors & Installation Tool Kit

    Installers, designers, and network engineers don’t have time to twiddle their thumbs on the job, especially on critical, time-sensitive projects. To get ‘er done, you need fiber optic connectors that even the most rookie technicians can install quickly and easily. Luckily, UniCam Connectors install in less than a minute, with no expensive equipment or ongoing consumable purchases required.


  • Transforming Your Infrastructure into a Utility-Grade Network

    Is your network ready and are you prepared for the Internet of Everything? This G2 Talk webinar will help you outline a migration path to a utility-grade infrastructure to support the network of the future.


  • Corning Centrix Platform

    With superior jumper management and an innovative fiber routing system, the Centrix Platform is a cross-functional system that meets the requirements of multiple application spaces.


  • Wall Mount Connector and Single Panel Housings are Up to Something New!

    New and improved functionality, flexibility, capability and risk reduction will come standard with Corning’s enhancements to Wall Mount Connector (WCH) and Single Panel Housings (SPH). Optimized fiber routing, user-friendly strain relief, improved labeling and intuitive splicing capability translate to an easier installation.


  • Corning Pretium EDGE Solutions

    Because every data center and SAN is different, Corning offers Pretium EDGE® Solutions, a family of modular, tip-to-tip connectivity solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s network needs.


  • point. click. relax.

    Corning's Bill-Of-Materials Tool makes it fast and easy to select the fiber optic products you need for your local area network. Just point. click. and relax!


  • [VID] Strip Cable Fast with Corning ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology

    Corning launched this new cable design, ALTOS Cable with FastAccess Technology, that allows the contractor to strip the cable down to the glass, up to 50% faster than a traditional design and dramatically reduces overall risk to the cable plant itself and the installers.


  • [VID] Corning Bill-of-Materials Tool Instructional Video

    Corning's Bill-Of-Materials Tool allows you to quickly and easily select the fiber optic products you need, modify as needed and save the projects on your own computer. The tool is designed for products available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.



  • Corning ONE Wireless Platform

    Corning recently unveiled the first all-optical, converged in-building wireless solution - the Corning ONE™ Wireless Platform.