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Corning's world-renowned experience is rich in cutting-edge fiber optic innovations. We offer the broadest range of tip-to-tip fiber optic product solutions for major telephone companies, CATV providers, long distance providers and enterprise networks throughout the world. With all the challenges of building and maintaining an information infrastructure today, allow us to help you make fiber cabling easy.

Corning Optical Communications LANscape® Solutions is a complete offering of products, services and support to make your fiber optic cabling needs a breeze. With all the challenges of building and maintaining an information infrastructure today, allow Corning Optical Communications to help you make fiber cabling easy.

Latest News and Articles


  • Anyway You Splice it, Corning’s Got You Covered: Corning Optical Communications CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassette

    During the California Gold Rush, gold tycoons slept in kit-like prefab homes. Today, prefab systems streamline electrical processes in every application under the sun. Forget ordering separate housings, splice trays, pigtails, connector panels, and heat shrinks for CCH housings. Corning’s CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassette is like a Swiss army knife—your all-in-one kit—for cable splicing in the data center and LAN environment.


  • Corning Training Course: Data Center Fundamentals Seminar

    Please join Corning and Graybar Teterboro for a FREE fiber optic training course on May 5, 2016. Register today!


  • Corning Training Course: Fiber Optic Connector Solutions and Testing

    Please join Corning and Graybar Atlanta on May 3, 2016, for a FREE fiber optics training course on Fiber Optic Connector Solutions and Testing.


  • The Engineering of Easy

    Installers, designers, and network engineers don’t have time to twiddle their thumbs on the job, especially on critical, time-sensitive projects. To get ‘er done, you need fiber optic connectors that even the most rookie technicians can install quickly and easily. Luckily, UniCam Connectors install in less than a minute, with no expensive equipment or ongoing consumable purchases required.


  • Why Base-8 in the Data Center?

    From cable management to data designs that scale for migration, knowing the facts about fiber utilization and the case for Base-8 can ensure you’re future ready. Hear firsthand from a Corning expert the questions you need to ask and the tips you need to know to manage and minimize your total cost of ownership.


  • [VID] Corning's 8-Fiber Solution for Data Centers

    The Corning EDGE8 solution is the newest data center product that Corning has. This solution will support a migration path for a higher bandwidth: 40G, 100G and 400G. 


  • The Future of Data Center Cabling

    This webinar from Corning discusses the value of deploying a Base-8 cabling infrastructure in order to support the complete roadmap, including a glimpse at Corning’s EDGE8™ solution.


  • The Flexible, Space-Saving, Easy-Install Solution: Corning Wall Mount Connector Housings (WCH)

    The updated Corning Wall Mount Connector Housings (WCH) are functional, flexible, and easy to use. With a well-thought-out design and optimum usability, it’s no surprise that Corning’s WCH is a top choice amongst data centers. With innovative features, fewer parts, and reduced risk of error, installation and troubleshooting is straightforward. So you can get the job done right—the first time.


  • Finding a Cure for Your Network Capacity Pain

    Between managing your hospital data, wifi and cellular coverage are you finding your network at capacity? You might be surprised to learn a single cabling infrastructure can solve these three pain points. Join us for a webinar to learn what you should do before your next cabling project and the benefits of a converged network.


  • Transforming Your Infrastructure into a Utility-Grade Network

    Is your network ready and are you prepared for the Internet of Everything? This G2 Talk webinar will help you outline a migration path to a utility-grade infrastructure to support the network of the future.


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