Own the Link with Berk-Tek

Historically, transceivers have been specified and purchased by the network architects and the cabling has been specified and purchased by whoever is responsible for the cabling. Berk-Tek is making the argument that the performance of the transceiver has more to do with the cable performance than it does with the switch. Owning the Link means that the facilities manager should be responsible for both of these items together.

Berk-Tek's new line of tranceivers is a highly engineered solution developed for existing data centers and new data center infrastructure. It is a fully compatible system with the leading OEMs, such as Cisco, Arista, Dell and HP.

Available from 1G to 40G for Ethernet applications, and for 8 and 16 Gigabits per second for fiber channel applications.

If you combine a Berk-Tek GIGAlite fiber specification together with the tranceiver specification you're getting as much as twice the distances in the data center.

This is the true value proposition for existing data centers or new data centers. To make a decision about network migration paths, facility managers should be aware of the limitations and capabilities of using the different options of multimode fiber or having transition to single mode fiber.

With this engineered system from Berk-Tek utilizing the GIGAlite specification, you have a significantly higher level of flexibility and ability to do that migration without compromising the distances that you must be able to reach within the data center.

[PDF] Berk-Tek Transceiver Brochure

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