• Achieving Maximum Performance for Voice, Data and Power in the Real World

    As more devices and applications join the IP world, dBs alone are no longer the best measure of network performance. Network performance metrics must now use application-specific tests and measures to ensure that ALL the services being provided are well delivered. This webinar will explain what these measures are and why they are significant for your network.


  • Cut the Scrap with Berk-Tek's smartPAK 1500 ft.

    When customers said that what they needed were ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste, Berk-Tek took that feedback and turned it into the new smartPAK.


  • Revolutionizing Multi-Cable Bundle Installations

    Currently available in LANmark 6 and HyperPlus 5e cable products, TekLok eliminates the need for special tools, deployment devices and additional manpower to hold the boxes during the pulling process with easy-to-use, interlocking tabs that allow quick and convenient assembly of stacks of cable boxes (four-box high maximum recommended).


  • Berk-Tek OM4 Fiber Now Available From Graybar Stock

    As the demand for faster speed and increased bandwidth continues, Graybar and Berk-Tek are here for you. Graybar has increased stock of four types of Berk-Tek OM4 fiber to make it more readily available for customers.


  • Berk-Tek - a Cable Leader for 50 Years

    For 50 years, Berk-Tek has provided reliable cabling solutions – from sensitive sonar detection cable to today's high-bandwidth copper and optical fiber cable for all data, voice and video applications.


  • Berk-Tek's Category 6 Cable Family – New and Improved

    Berk-Tek has improved their LANmark™ Category 6 cables.