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Berk-Tek is well positioned in the Fiber Optic and UTP Copper product lines to serve the LAN, Data Center and Security markets. The opportunities for innovation continue as demands for higher data rates increase. Network speeds transitioning from 100 Megabit to 1 Gigabit to 10 Gigabits per second create opportunities for new products and solutions. Customers consistently recognize Berk-Tek's excellence in quality and service as key differentiators from the competition.

By combining our nationwide supply chain, a local support network and top-notch manufacturers like Berk-Tek, Graybar is there to make sure you can feel confident when you flip the switch on your next project. Contact your local Graybar office today and give a sigh of relief. We're here to help.

Latest News and Articles


  • [VID] The Forgotten Link: Your Network Backbone

    Berk-Tek has the only solution where you to a 40 gig backbone out to 500 meters using multimode fiber. Berk-Tek does that with the OM4+ Gigalite blast and enhanced transceiver, which is only about a 10% increase over what your OM3 backbone was versus going to single mode which would be about a 300% increase to get that kind of distance at 40 gig.


  • [VID] Demonstration of Leviton's Cat 8 System

    At BICSI 2017, Leviton demonstrated a working Cat 8 channel with Leviton connectivity, including the connectors themselves and the patch cords with Berk-Tek cable. The test was run on the new Fluke Networks Versiv field tester. According to those at BICSI, this the only working RJ45 Cat 8 system at the show.


  • Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP Ethernet Cable: Proven Performance, Durability & Power

    When you’re setting up a wired network, you need a cable that will meet your customers’ performance and power demands today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road. So why choose an Ethernet cable that may or may not perform as expected? With a Converged Application Score of 8.6, Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP™ cable is rigorously tested to meet the highest performance standards in wireless access point applications.


  • Everything IP: Protecting Your Network Traffic

    Berk-Tek has identified three interrelated market drivers that are pushing the advancement of new technology. The question is: Will your network infrastructure hold up?


  • Is your fiber migration plan breaking your budget?

    Technology is ever-changing and you need to prepare your data center for faster data rates. Berk-Tek can help you make your migration to future data rates easier and as cost effective as possible. The Berk-Tek Webinar: Is your fiber migration plan breaking your budget? will explain how Berk-Tek can help you in your migration strategy.


  • Own the Link to Maximize Your Power Budget

    Ever-increasing bandwidth demand is driving changes to your network and data center. Rest assured that in the coming years, you will need more servers, more switches, and more storage capacity connected at higher data rates. Using Berk-Tek’s 40Gbps transceivers paired with our GIGAlite™-10XB glass, we guarantee enough power budget to support a link distance of up to 500 meters. Watch this video learn more about how Berk-Tek can help you maximize your power budget. Watch the replay now.


  • [VID] Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies PoE Minimizes Heat, Maximizes Power Delivery

    Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies demonstrates the heat difference of a Cat6A and Cat5e with two large bundles of 192 cables, each running 100 watts. 


  • [VID] Own the Link with Berk-Tek

    Berk-Tek is making the argument that the performance of the transceiver has more to do with the cable performance than it does with the switch. Owning the Link means that the facilities manager should be responsible for both of these items together.


  • Berk-Tek Introduces the Converged Application Score

    Berk-Tek has recently introduced a completely new way to measure network infrastructure performance. The Converged Application (CA) Score is a measure of how well network infrastructure performs under the stress of converging real-world applications. Read more.


  • Cut the Scrap with Berk-Tek's smartPAK 1500 ft.

    When customers said that what they needed were ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste, Berk-Tek took that feedback and turned it into the new smartPAK.


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