3M™ Splitter Block BRCP

3M Splitter Block BRCP

The 3M™ Integrated Splitter Block BRCP-SP is the latest generation of the Cross-Connect System BRCP developed by 3M specifically for xDSL and NGN deployment. The BRCP-SP block simplifies the interconnection and deployment of broadband equipment (DSLAM, MSAP/N) in central offices and remote locations, supporting ADSL2+ and VDSL2. The innovative product design provides unique features designed to meet operators’ expectations for current mass broadband or NGN deployment with expected lower installation costs.

The BRCP-SP block locates the POTS splitters in the block rather than in the DSLAM or MSAP/N. This configuration may provide significant materials and labor savings to service providers:

  • Reduced components (racks, splitter shelves, patch cables, MDF blocks, etc.)
  • Reduced installation costs (fewer cables between equipment and blocks)
  • Increased port density at the equipment (removing splitters often frees up space for additional subscriber ports) and racks (may avoid new rack installations)
  • Increased density at the MDF (may avoid MDF expansion) and in overhead cableways


[PDF] 3M Integrated Splitter Block BRCP-SP Brochure