Case Studies

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  • Graybar Opportunity Walk Helps Leading Food and Beverage Company Save Time

    During the Opportunity Walk, one of the location’s biggest frustrations was uncovered – the procurement process. With access to more than 450,000 products, real-time customer pricing and availability, and quote request options, ShopGraybar has successfully helped to simplify the location’s procurement process.


  • Leading Full-Service Electrical Contractor Streamlines Processes with Graybar Opportunity Walk

    Since the Opportunity Walk, the contractor has reported a decrease in daily returns, deliveries, processing of reordered product and time spent resourcing materials. Prior to the change, project managers were spending around five hours a week resourcing project materials; now it’s down to about 30 minutes a week.


  • Graybar Helps Commerce Bank Invest in Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

    With the upgrade to their lighting and lighting controls, Commerce expects to save more than $75,000 annually in energy savings, with an average payback of four years with maintenance savings. Commerce also benefitted from approximately $50,000 in Ameren utility incentives.


  • Graybar Helps Integrated Health Care Organization Achieve Innovation Credit

    The customized recycling program helped a leading biomedical research organization significantly reduce their carbon footprint and divert more than 3,457 pounds and more than 545 cubic feet of waste from landfills. The project was awarded the U.S. Green Building Council Innovation Credit for waste and delivery vehicle minimization as well as LEED Silver Certification.


  • Graybar Upgrades Parking Lot Lighting at Corporate Facility

    The new LED fixtures are projected to reduce annual energy consumption by 31,556 kilowatt hours. The McGraw-Edison LED fixtures are expected to last 10 years with little or no maintenance required, resulting in an estimated $15,000 in maintenance savings over that period of time.


  • Graybar Brings Jobsite Efficiency to State-of-the-Art Wireless Distributed Antenna System in New York City

    Thanks to Graybar’s logistics services—Material Staging and Delivery Coordination, Material Kitting and Reporting—Connectivity Wireless streamlined and reduced the time spent on labor and delivery.


  • Graybar PowerSmart Helps Reduce Energy and Maintenance for Greenville Health Systems

    Thanks to the lamp upgrades, the expected annual energy usage for the GHS boiler room was reduced from 105,960 kWh to 38,106 kWh. Greenville Health Systems expects to save approximately $34,394 in annual operating costs, with a 60% reduction in greenhouse gases.


  • Graybar Helps Panduit Upgrade Lighting System

    The 1,700 new fixtures installed at Panduit’s DeKalb facility provide a 61 percent wattage reduction and are expected to decrease Panduit’s maintenance costs by approximately 50 percent.


  • Graybar Brings Surveillance System to UNA Campus

    UNA contacted Graybar to discuss surveillance camera systems for the campus parking deck as well as the library, science and courtyard areas. The cameras will provide the university with an additional investigative tool and the surveillance footage will also be routed to the UNA Police Department and stored.


  • Graybar Helps Country Club Enhance Member Experience

    Thanks to the LED lighting upgrades, Forest Hills expects a first-year energy savings of approximately $10,862, which would result in a five and a half month payback, and projected 10-year energy savings of approximately $143,133.